A bouquet of culture offered by the Nièvre independent bookshops, Saturday April 23

There are some that we leaf through, others whose pages we turn. Rosa y libro will be offered by independent bookstores for Sant Jordi. “We must not forget that independent bookstores are a network. Independent does not mean isolated. “Wilfrid Séjeau, a bookseller participating in this national event, wants to promote the “close ties of solidarity” woven between the French actors. “It’s also an opportunity for us to thank our customers for being there. The year 2021 has been very good, readers have responded. »

For Véronique Méry, who opened The Taste of Words at Château-Chinon eighteen months ago, sharing with loyal readers is just as important. “We also celebrate the authors, showing our gratitude for their work. It is all literature that we celebrate. The bookseller, who was part of her studio in Barcelona, ​​talks about the “fabulous tradition” that is Sant Jordi there.

premium The Château-Chinon Le Goût des mots bookstore makes room for books

Wilfrid Séjeau and Véronique Méry will offer a selection of Catalan authors to echo in Nivernais territory. Both will turn to local florists to stock up on roses, in full spring strokes.

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An illustrated collection available in bookstores

The independent bookstore party is orchestrated by the Verbes association, which every year publishes a book designed to provoke reflection, emotion, touch sensitivities. “This year, the association has put together a collection by calling fifty writers, asking them what readings had inspired them,” explains Jacques Planchon, Clamecy’s independent bookseller.

The ivory covered book, entitled We are left with ten… for literature!, “is very beautiful and rich, with illustrations and quotes. A house with pages open to all literary winds, this work also contains the authors’ response to the question, both concrete and metaphorical: what do you see from your window?

premium The bookstore-stationery, run by the Séjeau couple in La Charité-sur-Loire, ready to open on Saturday, February 12

Seeds sown in minds, these artistic recommendations will be duplicated, at Clamecy, by a reflection on biodiversity: Jacques Planchon will invite, in the morning, the icaune nursery and author Éric Lenoir, author of Short Y Great treatise on the punk garden. Like ideas, this Saturday, roses will grow well in bookstores.

Participating bookstores. Nevers: Le Cyprès, People of the Moon (tel.; Château-Chinon: The taste of words (tel.; La Charité sur Loire: The pen and the words (tel.; Clamecy: Le Millefeuille (tel.

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