A historic audience for France Culture

With 1,786,000 listeners, France Culture achieved the best audience in its history!
In a context of very strong news, the chain of ideas, knowledge and creation continues to develop a demanding offer. Analysis shows acclaimed by a record number of listeners on all airwaves: significant growth throughout the day on air and on digital.

  • 1,786,000 daily listeners (210,000 in 1 year)
  • 3.2% CA (0.3pt in 1 year)
  • 2.7% of PDA (0.2 pt in 1 year)
  • 470,000 new listeners in 5 years

France Culture teams can be proud. In a world marked by uncertainty, saturated with anxiety-provoking news, they accompany a growing number of listeners along the paths of solid information, of a deciphering of the present nourished by the sources of knowledge, ideas, imaginations. Culture is the basis that allows everyone to forge a representation of the world and share it with others: France Culture, at the heart of public service, proves more and more every day that it is open to as many people as possible. It is along this essential path that we will continue to advance.
Sandrine Treiner, Director of Culture of France

Mornings at the top

With 714,000 (46,000 in one year), Mornings of France Culture achieved the best audience share in its history: 2.8%. The strength of the information provided by Guillaume Erner’s writing, analysis and reflection on the news every morning are attracting a growing number of listeners who want to understand what is happening.

From 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., challenges by Baptiste Muckensturm and Julie Gacon gather 188,000 daily listeners, 56,000 more in a year. A new program in the programming dedicated to territorial and then international issues that is already finding its audience at dawn.

All the programs between 2 pm and 10 pm have progressed in one year.

3 shows at a record level

  • The cientific methodby Nicolás Martín: science attracts 233,000 listeners (79,000 in one year)
  • LSD, the documentary seriescoordinated by Perrine Kervran: the knowledge documentary gains 115,000 new listeners (301,000 in total)
  • discussion timeby Emmanuel Laurentin: the 18/19 installment carried by the editorial newspaper and the debate on ideas gained 59,000 new listeners (326,000 in total)

weekend on the rise The weekend in very good shape continues to attract new listeners. There are 106,000 more in a year to follow the news analysis and decryption programs.

A growing audience in young targets, CSPs and in the regions There are more and more new France Culture listeners in the regions, 236,000 in a year (3.1% AC or 0.5 pt). On the CSP- target, France Culture advances 38%. France Culture’s audience continues to rejuvenate with 63,000 new listeners in the 13-34 age range (34% in one year).

A growing digital audience

  • Record on-demand streams in March 2022 with over 43 million streams
  • Most represented radio station in the Médiamétrie Podcast ranking with 10 programs
  • Second most listened to offline radio (Global Radio – September-October 2021) with 391,000 repeat listeners every day

Radio: Médiamétrie EAR Radio Audience Study – National – January-March 2022
Listen On Demand: CP Médiamétrie eStat Podcast – March 2022
Deferred listening: Médiamétrie Global Radio – September-October 2021 Photo credits: Radio France / Christophe Abramowitz

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