a novel about the painful partition of Cyprus, a return to the past and a book to reflect on rest




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On Thursday April 21 at franceinfo, cultural journalist Anne-Marie Revol decided to discuss an eclectic selection of books that will delight young and old.

First she selected The island of lost trees, a novel by Elif Shafak. We meet Ada, a 16-year-old Cypriot who was born in London, where she grew up. When she begins the story, it has been a year since her mother committed suicide, leaving her alone with her father. This missing mother who drank heavily leaves behind many secrets. Ada will have to make an effort to try to understand why her mother has committed the irreparable. “This is how we will go back in time to 1974 when the civil war in Cyprus will lead to the partition of this absolutely sublime island planted in the middle of the Mediterranean.“. And this score will cause a wave of violence and hatred that will drag Ada’s parents after it, because one is Greek, the other is Turkish.

Then, The Silences of Ogliano marks a first attempt by Elena Piacentini who has so far written very dark novels. In Ogliano, a fictional town, the narrator is a doctor who remembers the summer of her 17th birthday that marked her entry into adulthood. This is a story”dark and bright, dreamlike and forceful“, Summarizes the culture journalist on set.

Latest proposal from the culture journalist and not least, a book by the 86-year-old author Alain Corbin, entitled Histoire du Repos, ideal for the holidays. It leads us to question ourselves “about our relationship with finitude, work, fatigue and inactivity”. However, it is not an apology for rest that “for a long time it has been synonymous with death and not an antonym of tiredness“, recalls Anne-Marie Revol.

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