Access to Culture. La Cabane, a traveling art workshop project in Normandy

Quentin Delestre and Romain Leblanc have collaborated for several years at the Pierre-Redon Medical-Professional Institute in Évreux. Unemployed during the pandemic, they took advantage of the confinement to launch a project of itinerant artistic workshops. (©RD)

They met for the first time in 2015 at the Pierre-Redon Medical-Professional Institute in Évreux, in an expression workshop. Romain Le Blancthe photographer, and Quentin Delestrethe special educator, she collaborated until 2019. Until the pandemic put an end to her workshops.

With fifteen years of experience in artistic mediation, art therapy, in the production of collective works with different audiences, the specialized educator and the independent photographer have taken advantage of this unprecedented situation to reinvent their practice and redefine the challenges of their professions.

“In 2020, during the first lockdown, the public was completely locked in their structures. We wanted to look for alternatives to get closer to them”, explains Quentin Delestre. The conclusion is done. “Has the scale of the crisis deepened inequalities and weakened vulnerable people? people isolated, sick, in institutions, with disabilities? and the less endowed territories? rural, priority areas and/or neighborhoods? in terms of access to culture”.

A long cleaning job begins. An inventory of access to culture in theEurein Seine Maritime and in the Calvados that will take them beyond the Region. “We met many project leaders related to mobility and homelessness. Small structures or megastructures such as the contemporary art bus in Bordeaux “.

After realizing that there was not much in Normandy, Romain and Quentin met with specialized establishments, associations and local authorities to assess expectations. Mobility is in fashion, “we have had very positive feedback”.

culture desert

With 31.5 cultural facilities for every 100,000 inhabitants in Normandy, the diagnosis carried out by many organizations reveals a strong inequality of treatment in access to culture in the Normandy territories. To fill in the white areas, both in rural areas and in the city’s priority political districts (QPVs), Romain and Quentin decided to go towards. The Cabane project was born.

La Cabane is a caravan that unfolds in 1 minute to 28 square meters. “It is a true artist’s studio, open to all and welcoming. A space to share knowledge, curiosities and discoveries”. An itinerant artistic workshop capable of traveling throughout the territory to carry out actions with audiences that do not have access to a cultural offer.

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La Cabane is a caravan that unfolds in 1 minute to 28 square meters.
La Cabane is a caravan that unfolds in 1 minute to 28 square meters. (©RD)

“La Cabane intervenes at the service of inclusion, to fight against the isolation of rural areas. Given the great social transitions that impact it, rurality today must reinvent itself to respond to the lack of supply of services in the most remote areas”.

Quentin Delestre and Romain Leblanc

A budget of €150,000

Already supported financially by several foundations (Malakoff Humanis, Macif, Ostentatious, La Fertheetc.), by the Eure, the Seine Maritime, the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs, the project is trusted by many partners. “We raised €74,000, we hope to have it all by the end of June to start building the caravan.” It will take twice as much to make ends meet with this innovative local service.

To complete your investment budget,
To complete their investment budget, “make the project viable”, Romain Leblanc and Quentin Delestre have launched crowdfunding on the platform. (©RD)

the cabin needs you

To complete their investment budget, “make the project viable”, Romain Leblanc and Quentin Delestre have launched crowdfunding on the platform.
“Ulule’s crowdfunding will allow us to finalize our investment needs to acquire the caravan” specify the two partners who hope to raise €15,000 to complete the purchase of their caravan (€83,500) before launching to manufacture it in the Beauer company workshops. company in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire). In exchange, everyone who has participated in this financing will be invited to the launch party in the presence of the caravan. “We need you, your donations, your sharing and your enthusiasm! »
The crowdfunding campaign is available online on the website in the la-cabane-atelier section.

Waiting to start their caravan on the roads of Normandy, Romain and Quentin will work for several months in louviers around the urban rehabilitation of the Acacias neighborhood. A work of memory, “the first work of La Cabane”, which should be completed with the delivery of the caravan. The continuation ? Whether they are specialized institutes, hostels, day hospitals, associations, nursing homes, nurseries, schools, institutes, etc., the two partners wish to establish long-term projects around the practice of drawing, painting, photography, volume and the history of art. . “La Cabane wants to get involved and participate in the local life of Normandy by establishing long-term partnerships around shared objectives with the State and local authorities.”

The elderly, early childhood, people with disabilities, whatever the public, “with La Cabane we want to build bridges between culture and solidarity and develop an inclusive approach. Today, our desire is to undertake and affirm our vision, committed and civic, at the service of the Norman territory and rurality” conclude Romain and Quentin, impatient to set out on the road.

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