An event in three stages to promote access to culture

Triptych at the Desjardins Cultural Center

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The evening will take place in three parts.

Imagined around the long-awaited performance of the Cowboys Fringants, the Desjardins Cultural Center Triptych charity event will take place in three stages that are as grandiose as they are surprising.

If the evening that was going to take place at the end of January had to be postponed due to sanitary measures, it is clear that the pleasure will only be greater on May 13, in a new room full and “well ridden”.

For this reason, some entrances have been added with the reception capacity, which is less restrictive. With the aim of raising funds to support artistic development and access to culture, the event presented by Ratelle and Info-Logement invites you to celebrate the performing arts in style and rub shoulders with the extraordinary.

“The beauty of Triptyque is that the cause is as big as the show that night. I remind you that for every VIP ticket sold, we graciously offer a ticket to a person who would not have had the opportunity to pay that night. We collaborate with organizations in the region to ensure we reach out to our fellow citizens in need. And that is the greatest satisfaction of participating in the event”, says Claudine Harnois, president of the Desjardins Cultural Center.

As is the expression used in the world of visual arts, a triptych represents a work in three parts. Therefore, the first table is reserved for those who purchase a ticket to the 5@7 VIP, presented by Patrick Morin, at a cost of $500. This first part combines a meal, open bar and artistic discoveries.

The second table will be that of the Cowboys Fringants in a standing cabaret format. The group that has won the hearts of the Lanaudois, the Quebecois and the French promises a festive and unforgettable evening. This ensemble will be joined by performances by artists who know how to impress, including the likeable and talented company Lanaudière Le Cirque Alfonse.

The last table will come to life during the after-show that has several surprises in store for VIP and regular ticket holders… performances by artists, including DJ Poirier, late-night snacks and fun guaranteed.

Some VIP and regular tickets are still available to participate in the charity event of the year. Information:

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