Andresy. Chantal Lorio is no longer the culture and heritage assistant

Chantal Lorio (left) was appointed Andrésy’s deputy in charge of culture and heritage in May 2020. (©Screenshot/Facebook)

The verdict is in. On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, in a session of the municipal council, the elected representatives of the majority ofAndrew (Yvelines) voted to withdraw Chantal Lorio from her position as deputy head of culture and heritage. Mayor (Eelv) Lionel Wastl had already repealed his delegations.

The two opposition groups (Our Party is Andrésy and Dynamic Andrésy) did not participate in the vote. As for Chantal Lorio, she was replaced by Virginie Saint-Marcoux, former municipal councilor for cultural innovation.


Before the vote, the ousted elected official did not mince words in her words against the mayor.

You legitimize your decision by invoking a loss of confidence which, for my part, is based on flimsy and unproven speculation. J’aurais dit ceci, évoqué cela, on m’aurait vu discussing with the members of the opposition… Des on-dit qui ne sont finalement qu’un pretext pour changer les pions de place, sans vergogne, et vous débarrasser from my. Mayor, once criticized the autocracy of his predecessor, is not better than him.

Chantal Lorio

Chantal Lorio claims to have lived “a situation of conflict for more than a year” and does not hesitate to accuse the mayor “of letting differences between people escalate, creating an environment of detriment in the majority”. Before insisting: “I was insidiously fired, political decisions were made without me. In the business world, we would talk about a shelf or even moral harassment. In addition, Mr. Mayor, the withdrawal of the delegations must be justified by concrete facts. And you know very well that it will cost you to justify it before the administrative court. »

“Operative Letter”

Lionel Wastl’s scathing response was immediate.

The mayor must have full confidence in his deputy mayors. It’s gone, that’s for sure. I think people know me well enough to know that I’m not basing myself on vague rumours.

Lionel WastlMayor (Eelv) of Andrésy

The mayor claims to be able to rely on “numerous, concordant, convergent testimonies that come from various sources by elected representatives of the majority and the opposition, and perhaps even more serious, by city officials. »

In addition, it specifies that there were “several months of mediation with Chantal Lorio, which required the presence of service directors at the meetings or of an elected third party, to resolve the problem. We even drafted an operating statute. We did our best to try to find a solution. »

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And to conclude: “The withdrawal of the delegations is not subject to motivation or a contradictory procedure. It is the exclusive responsibility of the mayor to withdraw them or give them away. If I am an autocrat, I will be defeated. It is clear that the results of the vote proved him right.

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