Calais: music, cinema, reading, these three works that marked Amadou Fatoumata Ba

We regularly reveal the cultural choices of a local personality. The choices that marked his life and his commitment. We tell you more about the cultural milestones of Amadou Fatoumata Ba, recycling artist-designer in Calais.

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The music

“When I listen to music, it really brings me back to a lot of memories. Listening to music also tells me stories. Stories that I have never experienced. Music is a mixture of memories and imagination. I listen to a lot of reggae, acoustic music and Senegalese music. I really appreciate a band like Midnite. Originally from the Virgin Islands, inspired by the Jamaican reggae of the 70s, the group Midnite and its singer Vaughn Benjamin have invented a very modern roots sound. Midnite is not just about music. It also offers engaging political, social, and cultural insight and commentary when referring to the Rasta movement. »

Album Ras Mek Peace by the group Midnite, 1999.


“I am very attentive to productions that evoke the living conditions and social treatment reserved for blacks. This is the case of the film. the green line which talks about John Coffey, this black man convicted of the rape and murder of two girls. And I was able to make my own this famous line from the movie that John Coffey said and that I wrote down. ”
I’m tired, boss. Tired of having to run on the roads and being alone like a sparrow in the rain. Tired of having a friend to talk to, to tell me where we’re going, where we’re from and why. But most of all I’m tired of seeing men fight each other, I’m tired of all the pain and suffering I feel in the world.
“. It’s a whole world view that overwhelms me in this movie.”

Movie the green line by Frank Darabont with Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan, 1999.


“One book in particular interested me a lot because, through very varied articles and texts published in the Senegalese press, it deals with literature, history, philosophy while practicing a sociological and economic analysis of Africa. As such, how can Africa to locate itself in human and global diversity? In order not to spoil anything, it must be said that the cover and illustrations of this book were made by myself. »

Book Reading notes of an African dissident by Amady Aly Dieng, 2010.

Music, cinema, reading… with Amadou Fatoumata Ba. To learn more about your options:

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