David Cronenberg is selling an NFT of a photo of his kidney stones

Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, who is presenting a film in which vital organs are in the foreground at the Cannes Film Festival, set an example by auctioning an NFT of a photo of his kidney stones.

The name NFT is an acronym for “Non-Fungible Token” in English, or “non-fungible token” in French. More specifically, it is an unfalsifiable digital certificate of authenticity that proves ownership of a real or virtual object.

David Cronenberg’s token, called Inner beauty (Inner beauty), has been on sale for a little over three weeks on the crypto art platform Superrare, with a “reserve price” of ten ethereum (about 30,000 US dollars depending on the price of this cryptocurrency).

Once this amount is reached, the auction will last 24 hours.

“My doctor told me, ‘I’d like to save your kidney stones for analysis,'” David Cronenberg explained to his fans on the exchange site. The 79-year-old director says he refused, finding them “too beautiful to be destroyed”.

David Cronenberg then decides to photograph the 18 expelled clots from his body and made an NFT of them. If only the buyer of the NFT is considered as the owner of the work, it remains accessible to everyone on the Internet.

The filmmaker is not on his first try: he sold last year (for 25 ethereums) a short film in which he appears next to a very convincing reproduction of his corpse.

Inspired by his own movie.

The idea ofInner beauty it comes from his movie dead ringers (1988), dedicated to the gynecologist twins who share everything, including women.

“At one point, one of the twins said to the other, ‘I don’t understand why there aren’t beauty pageants dedicated to the inside of bodies,'” Cronenberg recalled.

This is also a reference to his new movie, crimes of the future (The crimes of the future), with Viggo Mortensen, in the race for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival (May 17-28). The actor will undergo “live surgery on his own body,” reveals the filmmaker.

David Cronenberg isn’t the only director investing in the world of NFTs. American David Lynch launched a series of tokens with the rock band Interpol last October.

In Hollywood, NFT sales have even become a source of funding for independent films.

Cronenberg did not indicate whether a physical version ofInner beauty it would accompany NFTs, most of which are still digital creations. “But normally, that is the custom,” said a representative of the crypto art platform Superrare, interviewed by AFP.

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