Dedication: Two books on the wood industry sector available to teachers and students

Author Coulibaly Fabama presented his works to technical advisor Ndiaye Khadidia (on the left) and Cidfor director Brigitte Agnissan. (DR)

On April 21, 2022, the Inspector General of Technical Education and Vocational Training and Retired Apprenticeship, Coulibaly Fabama, pedagogical engineering consultant, dedicated two books to the Mohammad VI multisectoral vocational training center in Yopougon. These are The Fundamentals of Manual Woodworking Volume 1 and The Fundamentals of Mechanical Woodworking Volume 2. School textbooks related to the wood industry sector for students in Cape Town and Bt. A sector that includes, among other specialties , joinery joinery, upholstery, carpentry carpentry . Winner of the 3rd prize of the 2nd edition of Cidfor’s technical and digital professional book in 2016, the author trusts that these books make an inventory of carpentry level 1 learning. That is, the study of raw materials, tools and machines. The principles of finishing lines, finishing operations. For him, the apprentice who will have received this training is able to face the mechanical work of wood treated in volume 2. In which the principles of tool maintenance, the start-up of manufacturing and machining assemblies are mentioned … . Thus the student is ready to do the practical work. After studying these two volumes, he can specialize. “The contents present summaries with supporting diagrams to facilitate teaching and learning. They are basic knowledge of manual and mechanical work that every professional must acquire to carry out any of the trades in the wood industry. This is a gap that has just been filled in the process of training levels 1 and 2 in the trades of the wood industry”. Teachers were told that they have content for harmonized progressions and to better prepare their lessons. As for the students, the author announces that they will be able to use it for their training and exams.

The promotion of didactic works related to technical education, vocational training and apprenticeship was initiated by the Ivory Coast Center for the Development of Vocational Training (Cidfor) led by Brigitte Agnissan. According to her, the dream of seeing teachers produce teaching materials to facilitate learning has come true. “Because everyone knows that most of our textbooks are produced abroad.

That is why immersion favors the publication of didactic works at a lower cost, now designed in situ and by rebound, allowing their accessibility to respond to the thorny question of training and work adequacy”, he pointed out. Brigitte Agnissan pointed out that during the three editions of the Book Technical Conference, Cidfor registered 77 teaching materials, of which 11 were selected by the jury of inspectors and awarded. 6 have been edited and 5 are in the editing process. “These figures demonstrate the willingness of our teachers to design books themselves in their various specialties,” she said. She wanted both books to be included in the training program for technical education, vocational training and apprenticeship. To motivate all the actors of the system to produce works to solve the deficit. On this subject, N’Diaye Khadidia, technical advisor to the Ministry of Technical Education, Vocational Training and Apprenticeship, pointed out that a commission will be set up on all published works. He welcomed this initiative aimed at making students competitive in the job market.

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