Earth Day 2022: 5 book suggestions for local children and youth

lachine welcomes the Montreal Children’s Literature Festival since 2019, an event organized by a passionate team of volunteers. That is why news from here invited one of the organizers of this great summer reading event, Noemie Philibert-Brunetto prepare a selection of 5 books on the occasion of the Earth day.

To highlight the earth, we offer books that make you think about environmental issues. We invite you to read books that give advice on how to adapt our lifestyle and thus become a little more eco-responsible.

5 books to celebrate perseverance

Greta and the giants
Greta and the Giants – Photo Credit: Multimondes

5 years and over
Greta and the giants

Zoë Tucker and Zoe Persico, Multimondes editions, 2020

Fab has to change schools after the separation of their mothers.

Greta sees the forest where she lives threatened by giants. The giants build houses, towns, cities.

Maybe they’ll stop if everyone unites!

Do you recognize this young lady with a ponytail who has been in the news more than once? This ecological fable inspired by the struggles of Greta Thunberg shows us that solidarity is a powerful weapon. Together we can help our planet reduce the impact of the giants.

We are the protectors of the water
We are stewards of the water – Photo credit: Bayard Canada

5 years and over
We are the protectors of the water

Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade, Bayard Canada, 2021

What will happen if the black snake settles in the territory?

Nokomis, grandmother, teaches her granddaughter that she is a protector of water. She must by all means protect this essential natural resource.

This album highlights the struggles of various indigenous nations. We understand that the snakes are the pipelines that come to contaminate the waters and the Earth. At the end of the reading, children can lend the Oath of the Guardians of the Earth and Protectors of the Water.

100% recyclable
100% Recyclable – Photo credit: Editorial Juventud

7 years and over
100% recyclable: The zero waste activity book

Susan Hayes and Penny Arlon, Pintachan, Editorial, 2021

No, you’re not dreaming, this book self-destructs as you read it…

We offer a variety of projects that are good for the planet. The child is invited to use the pages to create, among other things, a vermicomposter or an insect hotel.

The projects are fun and educational. Strangely, by destroying his book, the boy will learn to adopt healthy habits for our planet.

plastic pollution
Plastic Pollution – Photo Credit: Isatis

9 years and over
plastic pollution

Andrée Poulin and Jean Morin, Editions de l’Isatis, 2021

Every day, plastic passes through our hands. But do we know how to recognize its different forms?

It is a very practical material, but what are the impacts of this material on our planet?

Andrée Poulin invites young people to reflect on the consequences of the use of plastic. She also gives tips for more responsible use to help our planet that is plagued with it.

The planet where you are the ecological super hero
The planet where you are the ecological superhero – Photo credit: Little man

9 years and over
The planet where you are the ecological super hero

Florence Léa Siry, No Tie, Little Man, 2020

Have you always dreamed of being a superhero?

This is your chance to be a z’hero superhero and it’s even more useful.

The author invites us to take small daily actions to help our planet improve.

The activities offered are original, but above all easy to do for young people.

Noemie Philibert-Brunet

Noemie Philibert-Brunet
special collaboration
Passionate about literature and children’s librarian at LaSalle, Noémie is one of the organizers of the Montreal Children’s Literature Festival organized in Lachine by the non-profit organization Page par Page.

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