For the Ukrainian children of Saint-Girons, “the discovery of another school system and a different culture”

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A few weeks after the arrival of the Ukrainian families in Saint-Girons, the children’s schooling was organized.

For three weeks, several Ukrainian refugee families have been staying in the Palétès camp. After a period of adaptation of all these families in difficulty, Muriel Ferret, assistant responsible for education and childhood, takes stock of the school support put in place.

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How many children are educated in the city’s schools and how is their new life organized?

There are seven children: 5 are enrolled in the Guynemer kindergarten, in different classes, and 2 in the secondary class of the Henri Maurel school group. As the Palétès campsite is far from the city center, a minibus picks you up thanks to a partnership with the Couserans-Pyrénées community of municipalities. A Ukrainian mother is always present in the vehicle. The municipality took charge of the lunch in the school canteen.
The two oldest students returned to school last Friday, the youngest on Tuesday. During the holidays, we will offer entertainment to all these children.

“In kindergarten, discovering the French language will be relatively easy. Learning will be longer and more difficult for the two older students. »

What are the successive stages of this schooling?

For registration and the first meeting with teachers, we were accompanied by an interpreter. In kindergarten, the discovery of the French language will be relatively easy for these young children thanks to playful teaching methods adapted to appropriate the basic vocabulary. Learning will be longer and more difficult for the two older students.

For everyone, it is still the discovery of another school system and a different culture. They come from a big city and end up in a small town. Their diet is different, they are used to eating a lot of meat. We work closely with the prefecture, the Red Cross, the person in charge of the campsite, the teachers to facilitate their adaptation.

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What is the future of these refugees?

When all the paperwork is done, will these mothers find work knowing that the problem of travel will arise? Currently these young mothers have no life project in our country.

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