In the “Day of Glory” is approaching, but for whom?


Paradox or artistic revenge? The electoral evening of the second round allows culture, largely forgotten by the presidential campaign, to merge with politics in an unprecedented way, thanks to metacinema, that art that consists of projecting films while they are being shot. A first!

The directors Jeanne Frenkel and Cosme Castro have been its precursors since 2015. After the very successful and very poetic goodbye bohemianat the Opéra Bastille, in October 2017, and The dance, in 2018, still visible on YouTube, the duo embarked on a more ambitious project, in terms of stakes, visibility and duration, with Glory day. A challenge with an outcome as uncertain as the ballot, cleverly scheduled at the lowest content time of the night, an hour before the election results drop.

The movie is maxed out and the script is 85% written

The film is also as nuanced as possible and the script is 85% written, as explained by Jeanne Frenkel, on Tuesday, April 12, from the medieval town of Lot-et-Garonne where six days of rehearsals were organized – a town we will talk about staying silent on the name to avoid an avalanche of onlookers that would compromise the shooting on D-Day.

The plot of the story is based on the reunion of two brothers: Félix (Félix Moati), returned from Australia to vote and “avoid the worst” and that embodies social success; and Julien (Julien Campani), who stayed in the country with his mother, even if it meant sacrificing his career, but both are not spokespersons for any candidate.

They will find Julia (Julia Faure), Félix’s youthful love. Turned into a journalist for a regional channel, she is there to comment live on the evening from the square where a giant screen has been installed, and where she will interview Kamel (Kamel Abdessadok, a regular at the metacinema), the local poet always accompanied by his Pony , karma.

“Beyond our beliefs”

“Everything happens there, after a sequence in the car”, said Jeanne Frenkel, between the village cafe, Le Paradiso, and the family home. “It will be a single long sequence shot”, Cosimo Castro says. After two days there, the stress mounts and the co-director becomes concerned. Added to the dangers inherent in any action are the imponderables such as a faulty cable, rain, etc.

The producer François Pécheux promised, in December 2021, “not to leave the direct to the news channels and JT”

Technical concerns should not make us forget the political stakes, which convinced producer François Pécheux to commit, in December 2021, to “Don’t leave live news channels and JT.” What Jeanne Frenkel wants to remember two days later, by phone, pointing out that the entire team, sixty people, voted in the first round and will vote in the second, by proxy. “This film made us go beyond our convictions. »

The end of the fiction remains to be written, although the planned modifications are slight. “Obviously, if it’s Macron or Le Pen, it’s not the same,” says Felix Moati. And to continue, despite strict impartiality: “If Marine passes, we will all collectively experience a meltdown. »

glory day, TV movie by Jeanne Frenkel and Cosme Castro (Friday, 2022, 65 min). Broadcast live on, April 24.

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