LIST | Classical music and nature: pieces to listen to on Earth Day

A classical music playlist for Earth Day 2022

Throughout history, composers have paid homage to nature and our planet through their music. beyond the eternal Four Seasons of Vivaldi and the Pastoral of Beethoven, here are our classical music suggestions, a list for the earth day 2022to listen if you love nature and our planet.

1-Louis-Claude Daquin: The swallow

In the Baroque era, composers sought above all to imitate and describe nature, drawing inspiration in particular from birds. Everybody knows The henby Jean-Philippe Rameau, but why not The swallowby Louis-Claude Daquin? In an interpretation here of Luc Beausejour on the harpsichord.

2-Matthew Locke: The Tempest

We know, of course, The elementsof Jean-Philippe Rameau, but much less The Tempest, by Matthew Locke (1621-1677) and is well worth a listen. Here is an excerpt.

3-Gustav Mahler: the song of the earth (Das Lied von der Erde)

What to say? Such a music list for the Earth day I certainly couldn’t do without this essential.

4-Alexander Glazunov: Stations

Stations by Alexander Glazunov are best known in Quebec for Fallwhich was used as credits of the famous series A man and his sin. Just to cheer us up a bit, I suggest you listen instead. Spring in this excerpt, but the full text is very easy to find online.

5-John Sibelius: the oceanic

A beautiful symphonic poem by the Finnish composer, which evokes the water spirits of mythology.

6-Germaine Tailleferre: Inca Pastoral

There is little information about this pretty Inca Pastoral from Germaine Tailleferreexcept that it was composed to accompany a documentary about this civilization destroyed in record time by the conquerors.

7-Toru Takemitsu: I hear the water dream

of course there is The seaof Debussy, and his afternoon prelude of a faun But why always hear the same thing? Instead, I suggest you find out that I Listen to the dream of the waterfrom Toru Takemitsu. This piece is inspired by a painting titled water dreamingpainted by an artist from a desert region of Australia.

8-Olivier Messiaen: bird songs

Olivier Messiaen has certainly composed many pieces on themes of birds and their songs, but my favorite is Chants d’oiseaus, the fourth movement of his Livre d’orgue (1951) because it exploits the possibilities of this instrument in an interesting way.

9-Iannis Xenakis: For the peace

With everything going on right now, is there any need to explain why peace should be on a bucket list? earth day music? Get out of your comfort zone for a few moments (well, let’s say 26 minutes), with For the peaceof Xenakis.

10-Jacques Hetu: On the banks of the Saint-Maurice

A local symphonic poem that evokes not only the river and the nature that surrounds it, but also industrialization with the Saint-Maurice Forges. Here is a version ofLaval Symphony Orchestradirected by Alain Truell.

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