Maxime Le Flaguais goes behind the camera

It’s hard to talk about the film without revealing the punchbut what I can say is that it is science fiction. […] I find that science fiction allows us to project ourselves, obviously into the future, but tries to predict the blows in relation to the ethical questions that we will have to ask ourselves as a species. This film allowed me to address one of these questions.explains the manager.

Ouroboros is a word of Greek origin that is represented, in mythology, by a snake that bites its own tail, as an eternal cycle from which it is difficult to escape. The story of the film takes place in the near future where we follow a lonely man, cherishing the desire to have a child. We are more in a perspective black mirrorWe’re not really into a spaceships and laser guns thing.says the man who has long been interested in ethical and philosophical questions.

Ouroboros was filmed in Montreal and Charlevoix. The film is visually splendid, at once organic and cold, geometric and sensual. To achieve this, Maxime Le Flaguais surrounded himself with Jérôme Sabourin as director of photography. Together, I think we made a good team to create boards. Finding rentals was very important to me. The places we see in the film; I did a search six months in advance. I checked almost every possible architectural site in Quebec to discover gems, filming locations where people hadn’t filmed much.he adds.

Maxime Le Flaguais will shoot a second short film in the coming months.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Warm welcome at various festivals.

The 15-minute short film, produced by the Sherbrooke Chasseurs Films company, is in official competition at Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma 2022. It has also been selected at a dozen festivals around the world. It has just won the award for Best Science Fiction Short Film at a festival in France. I am very, very happy with the success of the movie so far! adds the visibly happy and proud filmmaker.

Maxime Le Flaguais has always consumed movies. For him, cinema is a lofty place of education. I find it very rich. He gives us tools without our realizing it.

We think it’s entertainment, but there are things that stay with us, that stick to our hearts, to our minds, and that make us grow, I think, as human beings. »

a quote from Maxime Le Flaguais, director

This first foray behind the camera marks the beginning of a new professional path for the actor. A second short film has already been written and shooting will take place this summer with actress Muriel Dutil. Ouroboros will premiere on Friday, April 22 as part of Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma.

Encouraging news from Michel Côté

We learned at the beginning of April that the actor Michel Côté was retiring from public life indefinitely, due to a bone marrow disease. His son Maxime was very reassuring on the line. He is responding well to treatment. yesterday we had good news [mercredi]. He is not close to death at all! He will be with us for quite some time. We are very confident and full of hope.adds Maxime Le Flaguais.

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