Netflix cancels sequel to Will Smith movie

bright 2the sequel to the 2017 Netflix film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will not finally see the light of day.

The undisputed master of legal streaming for a few years now, Netflix continues to flood the world with its relentless stream of original (if uneven) productions. From successful series to feature films with crazy scores, the N rouge platform seems far from being weakened by the arrival of competition from Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+ and company. And yet…

For the first time in more than ten years, Netflix has lost subscribers in recent weeks. A shortness of breath that is already provoking reactions from the giant, including calming down a bit the generous expenses that it imposed to differentiate itself from other platforms. A decision that could have direct and close consequences in the production of content, as already seems to happen with the sequel planned for years of the film. Shiny.

In fact, a journalist from the American media Bloomberg recently revealed on Twitter that Netflix had abandoned the idea of ​​​​making a sequel to the 2017 feature film :

“Netflix has also dropped plans for a sequel to Bright, but the decision is believed to be unrelated to the incident.”

The incident mentioned by Lucas Shaw is obviously the one that took place during the last Oscar ceremony, namely Will Smith’s slap offered to Chris Rock after a joke that he considered inappropriate against the actor’s wife. A blow of anger that had serious consequences in the man’s career, in particular in the face of the Academy of the Oscars.

Little information about this cancellation, except that it is accompanied the postponement of the National Geographic documentary series, pole to pole, produced by Will Smith. Complications that later add up to the pause -for once completely influenced by the actor’s slap- action movies fast and loosewhich should have been directed by David Leitch, and the fourth part of the saga bad boys.

“Okay… we’re packing”

The only Netflix project of the actor who survived the hurricane remains City Hallthe new feature film directed by Peter Landesman who had already collaborated with Smith on the film alone against allin 2015. Sad news for the continuation of the industrious actioner Shinywhose success of the former was difficult to measure when it premiered in 2017 as Netflix has yet to share its viewership scores.

Nonetheless, Shiny it was successful enough that Netflix began production on a sequel. But between the postponements, the Covid-19 pandemic, the rewrites, and the departure of director David Ayer, we can understand that the platform wanted to get rid of the weight of this bright 2 it was starting to smell seriously burnt. Therefore, the few lovers of the first film will have to take comfort in the animated spin-off that will be released in 2021, Shiny: Samurai Soulwaiting to perhaps see Will Smith again one day on a movie screen.


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