Norbourg: an effective and necessary film

If it has long fascinated Hollywood, the world of finance has not often been explored in Quebec cinema. With norburga fictional film inspired by the scandal that rocked Quebec in the mid-2000s, filmmaker Maxime Giroux signs a suspense Well managed financial institution that has all the assets to please a wide audience.

No one has forgotten the Norbourg scandal. In August 2005, nearly 9,200 saver-investors learned to their astonishment that they had been scammed by the tie-wearing crook Vincent Lacroix, who had embezzled $130 million from their pockets while running Norbourg, his management firm. of assets. Despite the magnitude of this fraud, for which he was convicted, Lacroix served less than three years of the 18 to which he was sentenced.

Written by Simon Lavoie (without a trace), the film by Maxime Giroux (Felix and Meira) chronicles the rise and fall of Norbourg, focusing especially on the career of Éric Asselin (played by Vincent-Guillaume Otis), the former right-hand man of Vincent Lacroix (François Arnaud).

Asselin was an inspector and auditor at the Quebec Securities Commission before switching sides to become Norbourg’s vice president of finance, lured by the lure of profits. His experience as an inspector will allow Lacroix and his gang of thieves to escape for a time from the investigations of the financial authorities. But as the noose tightens on Norbourg, Asselin will finally turn on Lacroix by aiding the RCMP investigation, sparking a scandal.

taking the form of a suspense American-style financial (think of the heist of the century or to wolf of wall street), norburg exposes the flaws in a system that has allowed Norbourg’s leaders to embezzle tens of millions of dollars with disconcerting ease.

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Maxime Giroux and Simon Lavoie have done a good job of popularizing this topic, which may seem complex to ordinary mortals. Viewers unfamiliar with finances may still find it difficult to understand the intricacies of some of the financial transactions at the heart of the plot.

Very well documented, the story is well constructed and the production of Maxime Giroux shows great mastery. The scene of the search of the Norbourg offices and the arrest of Vincent Lacroix was also masterfully orchestrated. Giroux also had a good hand with the choice of actors for him. Injecting a good dose of charisma into the character, François Arnaud was able to compose a Vincent Lacroix that was both arrogant and naive. Vincent-Guillaume Otis gives a nuanced performance in the guise of a taciturn but highly intelligent Éric Asselin.

By bringing to the screen the biggest financial scandal in Quebec history, Maxime Giroux and Simon Lavoie wanted to provide entertainment for the general public that raises awareness. We can say that they have succeeded in their bet.

norburg ★★★1⁄2

  • A film by Maxime Giroux
  • With Vincent-Guillaume Otis, François Arnaud and Christine Beaulieu. On billboard.

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