Perpignan – Cémoi: a culture of secrecy that revives fears about a possible social plan

The Cémoi group has not wanted to react to the statements of the mayor of Perpignan, who suspects that a layoff plan is being drawn up within it. A silence that further fuels the fears of the employees. Especially since it recalls the attitude adopted by the company before its acquisition by Belga Sweet products in July 2021.

“To date, Cémoi does not wish to answer questions on the subject.” Asked about the recent statements by the mayor of Perpignan, according to which the new management of the company, acquired by the Belgian Sweet Products group in July 2021, would consider cutting 148 jobs, the reaction of the leading French chocolatier is lapidary. During the extraordinary economic and social council held this Friday, April 22, the unions obviously did not fare any better. According to our information, during the meeting, the management representatives did not confirm or deny the councilor’s statements. The fears of some 500 Perpignan employees of the company, therefore, remain intact.

Especially since it is not the first time that artistic vagueness has engulfed the future of Cémoi. “In fact, there is a certain culture of secrecy in the company, estimates the departmental secretary of the CGT, Julien Berthélémy. Before the acquisition by Sweet products, the press had mentioned the sale as early as June 2020. It took them six months to confirm that they were selling.

It has always been a bit difficult to get information.

Several former leaders of the CGT66 confirm this. “It is not a company that exposes itself to the media a lot, except when it suits it”says Pierre Place, secretary of the organization from 2009 to 2016.It was always a bit difficult to get information, especially about the results, but the balance of power allowed us to have the elements that we wanted.tempers his predecessor, Thierry Labelle.

A former trade unionist from Cémoi, who knew the time when the company was still called Cantaloup, recalls for his part a long tradition: “They have always given the information by dropper. When it became a group in the 1980s, the management initially refused to admit it. Who says group, says group committee, in which the union leaders of each site participate. I think so. It is not convenient for them to have a group committee at that time. Then, is this culture of secrecy specific to the Cémoi? During union training, delegates from other clubs said it was the same everywhere…”

Be that as it may, when the company was put up for sale, several organizations established in the Cémoi were already shocked to learn of this type of news in the press… false in relation to the employees, whom their mission is to defend, but Also to report.

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