Review | Pull the coyote: let the light through

Pull le coyote presented the Montreal premiere of their tour on Thursday night In the first round of tests. A soft and leisurely show, like his recent album, which warmed the soul of the spectators.

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joseph lapointe

joseph lapointe

It was then that he began to sing. handsome, one of his oldest songs, a cappella and without a microphone when we could have heard a pin drop in the enormous Salle Maisonneuve, we understood the whole relationship between Tire le coyote and the public. Such a dense and charged silence is in itself a form of exchange and this ardent and active listening, almost religious, takes Tire le coyote, Benoit Pinette by his real name, at a distance all evening.

The singer-songwriter starts the show in the same way as the album, with the treble My eyes are fullpoem read by the great Joséphine Bacon —who was apparently in the room—, followed by the title song, more ambient, and cross the slowmagnificent epic piece divided into several paintings, announcing the colors for everything that was to follow.

We talk a lot, and rightly so, about the evocative poetry of Tire le coyote and its texts chiseled like diamonds. His voice too, of course, which is perhaps divisive, but has also become his signature: on stage, with what he asks the singer for physical participation, she contributes to the spell.

But we talk less about his music, but in showing that it is obvious: dominated by Americana, however, it is not linear. Each song is a small, breath-taking journey: there is room in Tire le coyote for delicate introductions, bridges that pop and stretch, uplifting tonal breaks, surprising endings.


Strip the coyote and keyboardist Ariane Vaillancourt

The addition of a keyboardist, Ariane Vaillancourt, and a backing vocalist, Audrey-Michèle Simard, has much to do with the often soaring atmosphere that sets in, supported by Marc-André Landry on bass and Jean-Philippe Simard on drums. .

Still, it’s Benoit Shampoo Villeneuve, true guitar Hero and musical brother of the singer, who steals his Show as soon as it advances, and even when it doesn’t advance! We listen to each of his notes, his magical touch covers almost all the songs, and his complicity with Benoit Pinette —both wear hats— adds to the symbiosis of the entire group of musicians.


Throw the coyote and guitarist Benoit Shampoo villeneuve

From acoustic moments to very electric ones, from restrained ballads to heavier pieces, from old pieces to new songs, Tire le coyote takes us down the path of this intense but never heavy show, staged by Emilie Perreault. Even when he’s “mad” on social media, like in the play the color of the wind, it is always delicately. Even more rock as in chainsawthe set is still elegant.

Tire le coyote doesn’t often appear on stage during the show. No need, his songs speak for him. He prefers to let the environment settle and the inner reflections travel according to his texts. L’amour, le temps qui passe, l’heritage qu’on laisse derrière soi, ce sont les grands thèmes qui traversent l’œuvre de Tire le coyote, pas étonnant donc que l’écoute soit si recueillie — dans le dernier tiers cependant , on my silent revolutionmore blues, or the heroic Putty the cracksthe public did not hesitate to applaud and shout, to show their pleasure more openly.

But it is when he talks about mourning and death that the singer seems to be at his best, the most sensitive, the most real. Towards the end of the show, the double with the new and moving. Treasurerfollowed by what is probably their biggest hit, the unlikely paste the sky is waitingthe emotion is at its peak and the communion, total.


A Tire le coyote show is also a great moment of communion.

Behind him during the show, a giant forest was sometimes projected on the big screen, the color of the sky changing depending on the mood. When a pure white light pierced through the trunks of the trees during Treasurerwe told ourselves that this is, in the end, Tire le coyote: a walk through the woods that can lead to the darkest corners, but through which the light always ends up passing through.

Pull le coyote is on tour throughout Quebec. Information on your site.

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