Sandra Tassani: the art of making the image speak

Photographer from Porto-Vecchi, Sandra Tassani has her own style. A look, also a way of being, that we find in her works that often put women in the spotlight, especially during pregnancy, and that she explores thanks to a project in progress.

Based in Porto-Vecchio, Sandra Tasani has always been passionate about Photo. Self-taught, has learned on the job » and has never stopped improving in 15 years of experience. However, for 4 years, this “full mom” has chosen to specialize in pregnancy (and newborn), children and lifestyle vaccines.

“Many times future mothers come because they want to keep a memory, but above all to feel beautiful. It is an important moment for them and not always easy. “, considers with empathy, taking into account the various disorders that the latter face when they are pregnant.

    - @Sandra Tassani

Of course, the photographer continues to exercise outside her comfort zone, like weddings, for example, but now she approaches it sparingly, preferring to focus on subjects that touch her heart and soul.

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“I am a Mediterranean woman”

Thus, at the height of her art, Sandra Tassani is a flourishing professional, “he likes to get the essential out of a look, a smile, a face”, this famous I do not know what which will make your photo unique and your style recognizable.

“I was told: ‘Sandra, your photos speak’and it touches me because it is precisely the emotion that I am looking for»she admits excitedly. A talent that he owes in particular to her personality as sunny as it is insular. “I am a Corsican woman, in love with my island. An authentic Mediterranean. It is something we have in ourselves, a way of life. It is culture with values, respect, love. There is also the exchange and the gift of oneself. A sociability that is passed down from generation to generation: my grandparents were shepherds, they passed on this love of the land to me. And I tried to pass on their human values ​​to my two daughters”, he marvels. In addition, we quickly realize that water and hands are very present elements in his works and it is not without reason since “represents my island, work and mutual help”remembers the benevolent photographer.

A reassuring character trait that he maintains because it helps him gain the trust of his models.

a human exchange

“I have the pleasure of meeting many people, each time different. It is very enriching and there is a relationship of trust that develops as they expose themselves and give me the opportunity to shine a light on them. My goal is that the people in front of my lens love each other. It means a lot to me. It is really a human exchange through which I feel useful. » And that’s good because a commitment is added to this feeling, especially towards women. This is where Sandra Tassani in turn reveals herself through a large-scale project, but always staying behind the lens with a return to her first passion: portraiture.

“I am preparing an exhibition dedicated to the women of Corsica but of different origins: Russian, Cambodian, Berber, Sardinian… and Corsican, of course. The photos are already done, but the Covid has delayed me a lot ”, announces, revealing a preview of some of these shots where we do discover distinctive, cultural and dazzling portraits of women.

A project for which we still do not have dates but that we are looking forward to seeing materialized.

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