Street-art: you have one week left to admire this work at Vincennes

This fresco visible on the façade of the Millepages bookstore in Vincennes will give way to another. (©David LEDUC – News Val-de-Marne)

On one wall of the emblematic Millepages bookstore in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne) you can see ephemeral works. The latter will soon give way to a New cool street art.

“Promote cultural activity”

The Point Millepages is an ephemeral surface of expression for street art artists on the facade of the independent Millepages bookstore located in Vincennes, the largest bookstore in Île-de-France. The purpose of this surface? “Contribute to promoting the cultural activity of the city of Vincennes, guaranteeing the visibility and accessibility of French and international artists in the urban landscape and sparking an on-site conversation between contemporary art and literature,” says the bookstore.

Since last November, walkers and customers of the Millepages bookstore have been able to admire the work of John Wentz, an American artist specializing in portraiture: “Inspired by classical painting, abstraction and realistic photography, his painted faces break conventions and habitual codes, and to concentrate there the essence of beings”.

As all pretty things come to an end at Point Millepages, John Wentz’s work is about to give way to a new fresco. You only have one week left to come and admire it.

Indeed, on Saturday April 30, 2022, it will be Madame’s turn to present her work to the people of Vincennes. Indeed, her street-art work will be inaugurated on this date, at 6:00 p.m., in her presence. “On the occasion of this performance, a very limited edition print will be put up for sale in the bookstore,” indicates the latter.

And to continue: “Madame will also dedicate her generous and abundant monograph, composed like a multi-entry treasure hunt, edited by Hartpon editions. A book that allows you to discover the artist’s work, but also to understand his creative process and delve into his imagination.

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