THAILAND – CULTURE: At Coachella, rapper Milli works up an appetite for a Thai dessert

We reproduce here an article from Courrier International that we recommend reading. The first Thai artist to be invited to the prestigious Coachella festival in California, rapper Milli caused a sensation and her onstage tasting of a cup of sticky rice with coconut milk and mango sparked unprecedented enthusiasm for this dessert and a power debate. thai soft.

On Saturday, April 16, rapper Milli offered one of the unusual images of the Coachella festival, back in California after two years blank due to the pandemic. The 19-year-old, the first Thai artist to perform solo at this iconic event, included a thoughtful stage element – ​​a tasting of sticky rice with coconut milk and mango – in the middle of his show.

If this dessert is well known in Thailand, The Guardian says that Milli’s performance has multiplied its popularity among the population tenfold. In the days that followed, some restaurants were unable to keep up with demand: they often had to temporarily reject delivery requests, because they could not cook the rice in time.

“Mae Varee, Bangkok’s famous mango sticky rice brand, has been struggling to meet demand in recent days. At one point, delivery men who had come to pick up orders were so crowded outside that police arrived, fearing their bikes were blocking traffic. While it’s hard to clearly measure this “spike” in plate consumption, reps from one delivery app cite a tripling of orders in the 24 hours after the show.

“Thai Cultural Heritage”

Above all, mango rice has become a topic of conversation on social networks. The images of the dessert were shared massively, with its great fun: a montage that has gone viral suggests a renovation of the Democracy monument, in Bangkok, with giant mango wedges, replacing the four pillars, and a mountain of rice for the place of the central sculpture.

“The government wanted to take advantage of the trend, even though Milli is highly critical of Thai leaders. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha declared that the Ministry of Culture will propose sticky rice with mango to UNESCO as part of Thai cultural heritage. The latter does not fail to highlight the assertive personality of the singer and she was sentenced to a fine for “public insult” after openly criticizing the Thai government.

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