The Carré 150 will eliminate plastic water bottles

On this Earth Day 2022, the Carré 150 team is proud to announce that as of July 1st, plastic water bottles will finally be removed from their shelves. After having taken a sustainable development approach since 2018, whose actions will have allowed the venue to obtain the GOLD accreditation of the Eco-responsible Scene program, this new step has become fundamental for Diffusion Momentum, the organization that manages and owns the venues. .

As has been authorized in the last two years due to the health crisis, spectators attending the venue will be able to bring their own empty bottle to fill with our Victorian water (certified 5 stars for excellence in drinking water) at one of the water available in the Laurier room and near the bathrooms on the ground floor.

Spectators at the Les-frères-Lemaire room can also request Ecocup reusable cups to bring water or their favorite drink into the room. These will also be offered from now on from the same date in exchange for a $2 deposit. This new deposit system will in particular slow down the need to purchase and produce these washable, reusable and recyclable cups by encouraging patrons to return them to bar staff after use.

About the process

Located in the heart of the cradle of sustainable development, Le Carré 150 represents a true gateway to the cultural world for the population of Victoriaville and its region. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Diffusion Momentum team clearly wants to reduce the environmental footprint of its shows and activities, promote responsible production and consumption, while stimulating benefits to its immediate community. To this end, in 2018 an eco-responsible committee has been set up, an action plan has been established and a sustainable development policy is in the process of being adopted in the organization. Since the venue opened in 2015, local shopping, cultural accessibility, and economic and social engagement have been at the core of many initiatives carried out by Carré 150 and the Center d’art Jacques-et-Michel Auger. More information about current practices at Carré 150 can be obtained by visiting the section of the website dedicated to sustainable development.

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