The CdC Les Bertranges equips its libraries with the first 120 books on biodiversity

The biodiversity service of the CdC Les Bertranges, winner of the 2021 Biodiversity Atlas, has donated more than 120 books to the Bertranges library network.

“These books, all new and different, are largely aimed at a young audience. their themes include trees, bushes, forest animals, plants and small animals in ponds and rivers and many other things”, explains Élise Bitault, Manager of Biodiversity Projects at Bertranges.

120 books in five treasure chests

These beautiful works were kept in five trunks carefully prepared by the agents of the CdC integration site and were offered to the 5 libraries of the network. This donation marks the launch of a first inter-municipal collection of books on biodiversity, whose inauguration took place on Saturday, April 9, at the Saint-Bonnot town hall, in line with a nature day in the sector.

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“These treasure chests are exchanged once a year within each library, allowing all users to benefit from their various contents. Schoolchildren will also have access to this beautiful collection”, adds Élise.

Collaboration with libraries

This association of biodiversity and library aims to improve the deployment of the Atlas of Biodiversity in the territory of Bertranges, the cultural facilities of the Commune Community that integrate the notion of sustainable development but also committed publishers, activists for respect for the environment.

“These books, all new and different, are largely aimed at a young audience. »

Elise Bitault (Biodiversity Officer at the CdC Les Bertranges.)

Please note that the books use green inks and paper from sustainably sourced forests.

This first concrete association is part of a series of “nature and culture” events, including the future inter-municipal festival “Contes et Fleurettes” on October 1 and 2 in Prémery.

Frederick Dumaillet


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