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Blaiz Faya.

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Revealed by a handful of songs that have been circulating around the planet for a few years, the French Blaiz Fayah is causing a sensation in the dancehall scene, which he feeds with his refined productions in the family studio. Back from Latin America and recently scheduled for the next edition of the Solidays festival, the singer with a career longer than we imagined is on the bill for the 2022 edition of Printemps de Bourges.

It is not a place where you do not ask for a photo. Everywhere, his very presence instantly raises the temperature: five weeks ago, during his second series of concerts in Costa Rica, Blaiz Fayah realized that he had taken a new step in terms of notoriety there. . The same in Chile and Colombia, where the first notes of his songs are enough for the public to react.

For living is pleasant”comment wisely. “Before people knew my sounds, but not my head. My music sold more than my image, although now I try to fix it”explains the young man in his thirties who tries to maintain a relative vagueness about his exact age, so as not to run the risk of being seen in a few years as “the old man who sings in a disco”and prefers to be called by his stage name to preserve his personal life.

The man knows the codes and he knows the fragile success, in this “ocean of musical proposals” that surrounds the planet and in particular in its sector where competition is particularly fierce: “It’s club music. It goes very fast. If we forget, we go extinct.” the author of Evilhis biggest hit to date with over 30 million views on the clock in a year (a score to which we can add the additional nine million of the remix signed by Buskilaz), he had also hung up a few months when the wind finally blew. in your favor in 2018.

The way is long, their first album five years earlier, had everything from the prescient title. A quite conventional reggae-tinged project, attractive in terms of production, but which Blaiz judges harshly, in light of the knowledge and experience he has acquired since then. Total failure. He met his brother in London and understood that it would be useful for her to abandon French for his texts: “In the beginning it was very academic. He did twenty-five to thirty titles before I had a sound that was drinkable in English.”

In the nightclub where he works, he rehearses the new dancehall direction of his repertoire, but the frustration of not seeing the horizon clear ends up conquering him. One item was still missing. “find the gap” and immerse yourself in it. After a few tries, the singer develops the correct formula in a final attempt: “Call the police when she came”he says in a voice that has suddenly turned serious. Guaranteed effect.

decidedly festive

This ability to multiply roles at the microphone opens up a field of possibilities for those who recognize “gets bored pretty fast” and I love you “to highlights” in what he does. The gimmick becomes one of the great keys to his artistic identity, along the lines of the combinations that have made the success of many Jamaicans: Chaka Demus & Pliers, Shaggy… For Blaiz, the title of influence is Love dem badby Buju Banton in duet with Red Rat, “one of Kingston’s biggest voices along with its smallest.”

Your niche? Decidedly festive, even if it means breaking with the critical philosophy of bling-blingon his first album. “People have too much trouble to bring them more. So we press play, we have fun, but it’s still solid.”, he says. In the studio, he spends hours making, unmaking, remaking. “I’m never satisfied”confesses the demanding artist, who claims to have “he ate with music all his life” – his father, the saxophonist Bruno Ribera, collaborated with Kassav’, Johnny Hallyday and Michel Sardou, among others.

When Call the police Y best girl Successfully found simmering, Blaiz then begins to occupy the field regularly, pulling out titles like one sowing seeds without knowing which one will germinate. “Because I like it, more than because of strategy”, he assures. Enough to constitute an already impressive discography, compilations and other mixtapes. “Today I don’t take any more risks. I tried and I understood. I know where I’m effective. I’m not going to do Tory Lanez or NLP even if I like it.”the singer continues.

To satisfy his creative desires, without restrictions, for four years he has worked for the young French singer of Cape Verdean origin Andreia, Talent RFI, whose first mini-album nha world has recently appeared. “It allows me to have a balance”, summarizes. A partnership with mutual benefits.

blaiz fayah crazy ting 2 (Blaiz Fayah) 2021

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