the relationship with television is changing, what about internet offers?

Operators strive to offer the best box deals on the internet. The included TV package can sometimes play a key role in choosing your offer.

The advantages included in internet boxes with TV package

Most Internet subscriptions offer a standard TV package in addition to the Freeview channels accessible by cable. Even low-cost access providers are getting involved and enriching their offerings with additional TV options offered to subscribers.

As a general rule, 100 to 200 channels are available with the Internet offerings of the various ISPs. Subscribers therefore have the right to a multitude of channels classified by category (youth, cinema, science fiction, etc.). Something that will keep you busy for many hours and satisfy everyone’s interests.

For the more experienced, operators also offer premium channels. These are mostly foreign channels or groups like sports media. SFR thus offers RMC SPORT and beIN SPORTS at a preferential rate for its customers. Movie lovers are also entitled to premium content available on dedicated channels, like the OCS package for example.

Choose an Internet box alone without a TV package

However, some Internet users do not particularly need to have a TV package available. In fact, consumption habits have tended to change in recent years. This phenomenon can be explained by lack of time, resources or simply lack of interest. More and more young people, whether they are students or already active, prefer Netflix to television. Other factors that can explain this trend are the more simplified access to information, through different channels, such as social networks. It should be noted that the generalization of streaming also contributes to reducing interest in television.

The various operators have taken this change into account and now offer only Internet boxes, that is, without a TV package. This is particularly the case with RED from SFR, Sosh or even Bouygues Telecom. The television offer continues to be available as an option, and DTT channels are accessible to everyone through the Internet.

In addition to the classic ADSL and fiber optic internet boxes, there are other offers that offer internet services without a TV package. This is the case of 4G boxes, which allow users to save by paying only for what they actually use, but also and above all by offering Internet access via mobile network where the infrastructure is not yet or cannot be deployed.

TV services included to compensate for the lack of a TV package

As mentioned above, consumption habits are changing. It is mainly the streaming platforms and social networks that benefit from this situation. Thanks to streaming, movies and TV series are available on demand.

The various SVOD platforms offer rich enough content libraries to satisfy viewers. They no longer need to wait for The Voice or Stranger Things to air on a particular channel to be entertained.

On social networks, YouTube and Twitch also highlight this trend, as many Internet users spend most of their viewing time there. The emergence of live video and streaming content is pushing channels to develop a presence on these platforms to deliver content there.

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