The Rendez-vous Québec cinema gets off to a strong start in Drummondville

FESTIVAL. The Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma got off to a great start in Drummondville, as actors and filmmakers Naomi says yes walked the blue carpet Thursday night at the Capitol theater.

The atmosphere was festive. The whole team was happy to get together to start the regional tour of Naomi says yes. They will stop at various locations throughout the week, from Gatineau to Trois-Rivières. Drummondville gets the ball rolling.

The actors were delighted to meet the public. In his eyes, it is a way of promoting the feature film outside the metropolis. “Naomi says yes is a film that lifts the veil on youth prostitution. It was filmed in Montreal and portrays the reality of this place. Prostitution happens everywhere. Each city has its own history. This is an opportunity to talk about it,” says James-Edward Métayer.

From left to right, Maxime Gibeault, Geneviève Albert, Kelly Depeault and James-Edward Métayer. (Photo: Emmanuelle LeBlond)

Maxime Gibeault takes the same position. “It is wonderful to have the opportunity to do this tour. I find this beautiful. It allows us to carry our message. The film must be seen because the film is necessary”, he maintains.


The film tells the story of Noémie, a 15-year-old girl from a youth center in search of freedom. She joins her friend Léa de Ella, who introduces her to the world of prostitution.

Writer-director Geneviève Albert embarked on this project seven years ago. Initially, it was a statistic that caught her attention. “The age of entry into prostitution is between 14 and 15 years in Canada. I get upset. I told myself that I had to tackle the subject in my first feature film.

To familiarize himself with the environment, he went to meet adolescents and women who had experienced prostitution. She spoke with survivors who have regained their freedom. The latter have shared part of her story, giving themselves with an open heart. “This raw material was critical to writing my screenplay,” she says. When asked to see the other side of the coin, he too questioned a pimp.

Geneviève Albert immediately thought of Kelly Depeault to embody the character of Noémie. I saw it in the movie goddess of fireflies. For me, it was a revelation. She is an actress of great precision. She has a very strong screen presence, which is not due to her talent or her work. It’s something she carries with her.”

Kelly Depeault and Geneviève Albert developed a bond during this project. (Photo: Emmanuelle LeBlond)

Kelly Depeault was unsettled by the stage. Initially, she intended to decline the director’s offer. “I agreed to have coffee with her. She told me about her vision. Porn is often made for men. The woman is sexualized and considered as an object. Geneviève offered me something different. She gave me confidence”, says she who finally agreed to take part in this adventure.

In addition to showing behind the scenes of child prostitution, Naomi says yes he puts a face to the phenomenon by pointing the camera at the customers. “For me, the number one problem in prostitution is the clients. Without them, there would be no prostitution. Interestingly, clients are invisible in our society, while we talk a lot about prostitutes and sex workers. In the movies, it’s the same. It is rare for the camera to turn on them in prostitution scenes. I wanted to give them a body and a presence”, adds the director.

In any case, Geneviève Albert wants this feature to raise awareness. “I hope it’s a movie that touches people and shakes them up. It is when our hearts are touched that we begin to think and act”, she stresses with conviction.

a varied program

The festival continues on Friday. No less than 17 films will be presented at the Capitol cinema.

Several projections are to come in the program. (Photo: Emmanuelle LeBlond)

The day begins at 1:00 p.m. with the screening of Prayer for a lost mitten by Jean-François Lesage and Bootlegger by Caroline Monnet. The movies the wedding war by Maxime Desruisseaux and theArchipelago by Félix Dufour-Laperrière at 3:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. dream my life by Guillaume Venne and Gabor by Joannie Lafreniere.

Note that a red carpet is organized to celebrate the premiere of the film dream my life. The entire feature film team will be present for the occasion. At the end of the performance, Guillaume Venne will answer questions from the public.

Starting at 9:15 p.m., a first block consisting of six short films will be presented to the public. The movie The contemplation of the mystery by Albéric Aurtenèche will also be screened at 9:15 p.m.

Festival goers can view the program online on the RVQC website at and purchase their tickets.

It is also possible to get virtual access to watch the festival films in the comfort of your home.

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