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The collections of the Geneva Museum of Art and History have been entrusted to the expert eye of Jean-Hubert Martin, a celebrated author of exhibitions who has marked the field of art for more than forty years. His white card, “No need to draw”, is on view until June 19.

For his XL carte blanche offered by the Geneva Museum of Art and History (MAH), the French curator Jean-Hubert Martin offers, through a selection of around 800 works unearthed in the museum’s collections and taken from all domains historical and artistic, a thematic route entitled “It is not necessary to draw”.

A title whose figurative meaning indicates that no explanation will be necessary to visit this uninhibited exhibition. Standing off the beaten track of art history, Jean-Hubert Martin dares to mix things up and allows himself great freedom of analogies by proposing mind games hidden in visual puzzles.

excitement and pleasure

Jean-Hubert Martin, curator of the exhibition (on the left) and Marc-Olivier Wahler, director of the MAH. [B. Jacot-Descombes – Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève]With its uncompartmentalized presentation, “Pas necessit d’un dessin” brings the visitor face to face with works from different fields, periods and origins, leaving aside any notion of chronological, technical or stylistic classification or categorization.

A way of doing things that can disturb or even disconcert the most purist. But Jean-Hubert Martin wants everyone to be able to decipher and interpret what he proposes in the light of his own knowledge. A way of the famous French art historian to put emotion and pleasure back at the center of museums.

“Art can not only make you smile, but also make you laugh. Why would museums be doomed to be in a kind of austerity?” asks Jean-Hubert Martin, interviewed by RTS.

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A pleasure and a playful aspect quite evident when one is faced, for example, with this gigantic color chart spread out over several tens of meters and made up of around 150 completely disparate objects and works that have as their only point in common the be united by color

Entitled “Chromatism”, this exercise in style makes it possible to create quite comical links and display objects rarely or never taken from the rich collections of the Geneva museum.

Radio Affair: Florencia Grivel

Web adaptation: Andréanne Quartier-la-Tente

“There is no need for a drawing”, Museum of Art and History of Geneva. On display until June 19, 2022. Please note that the “Chromatismo”, “Morphology” and “Polyphony” rooms (first floor) will close on April 24, 2022.

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