Toulouse: “The Wild Camel” participates this Saturday in the book festival

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The 24th edition of the Independent Bookshop Festival will take place this Saturday, April 23, in more than 500 bookshops, including Le Chameau Sauvage, in Toulouse. This Sant Jordi day is an opportunity for independent booksellers to reaffirm their fight to protect their profession and celebrate their love of books with all readers.

This Saturday, “El Camello Salvaje” will participate in the 24th edition of the Festival of the Independent Bookstore, Sant Jordi. For the occasion, Aude and Elias Farès will offer a book edited especially for this celebration (“We keep 10 for literature!”) or a rose “and they will offer books by Catalan authors”. A way of thanking your customers for “their loyalty and trust”.
Aude et Élias Farès ont ouvert leur librairie généraliste et indépendante, « Le Chameau sauvage », dans les locaux de l’ancien restaurant associatif « Le bol rouge », au 44 avenue des Etats-Unis, dans le quartier Minimes-Barrière de Paris, in Toulouse. You enter this charming and atypical place through a simple wooden door. Then, a long corridor leads to a first room full of books, which also serves as a writing, watercolor, ukulele, sewing workshop… Then a second, to lead to a small tea room, illuminated by a canopy that gives to a hidden garden. Everything is decorated with shelves overflowing with books and dotted with small potted green plants. In the “Camel Sauvage”, we go from surprise to surprise. Here, the Farès couple have created a place in their image, “where you feel at home. We had identified the need for this coffee shop in the neighborhood where people could come buy a book and have a drink,” says Elias.
For this reason, when they baptized their establishment, they opted for “an attractive name”, choosing the title of a novel by Philippe Jaenada. In addition, the author is the godfather of his bookstore, Respectively illustrator and director of the territorial public service, Elias and Aude Farès, both 45 years old, gave up their jobs to create this independent bookstore. It opened at the end of 2019, just before Covid, then it suffered all the shocks of the health crisis.
During this turbulent period, the couple were able to gauge “the importance of the local stores and the condition of the books. Here we are the ones who choose the works that we put up for sale and with this we spread a series of values, of dreams… We also promote bibliodiversity”, Aude points out. Our booksellers also act as guides “offering advice to their customers”.

In Toulouse, the Privat, Floury Frères and Ombres Blanches bookstores are also participating in Sant Jordi this Saturday.

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