“We, artists and actors in the cultural sector, want to launch an alert about the marginalization of the issues of arts and culture”

Grandstand. The artists and actors of the cultural sector want to launch an alert about the marginalization of the issues of art and culture in an electoral campaign that has made the political inability to give meaning to cultural policies spectacular. We can easily ask ourselves the question: is there still a cultural policy in France, or even a desire for a cultural policy?

Omnipresent, the extreme right does not propose anything other than the substitution of culture and creation by an adulterated cult of the past, the reduction of culture to a sickly protectionism, where the spirit of the encounter does not dominate, but that of the “clash of civilizations”. “. “. The few times that the subject is addressed in the programs, the most frequent is in a quantitative way: always more digital, more public, more establishments, events…

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But what vision underlies all these figures? This is the real question. Such a vacuum creates the unpleasant sensation that it would be a question of abandoning art and culture to the laws of the market, to entertainment, and perhaps also to the perverse effects of Covid (distance culture, representations or dissemination on platforms), in the sector. cinema but also in publishing, in the audiovisual sector, etc.

Towards consumerist and regressive conceptions

In the field of education (music, for example), many conservatories are being evacuated from national structures, returned to local authorities, soon to the private sector? This void gives the impression that the public service (as in other places) is disassociating itself, when it is not using itself in relation to lobbies, often identity-based, that practice intimidation and censorship a priori, and that they seem to have taken over any overview. interest.

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New pressures displace the artistic demand towards consumerist, predigested, regressive conceptions. However, if “You can’t eat with culture… you can’t eat culture”, wrote Darío Fo! And these new tacit criteria are installed insidiously in our heads, even in certain cultural institutions. You just have to consult the grant application files, where the amount and the declaration of intent on this subject prevail.

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For a long time we believed that we could go to the ministry to help promote shows or works of creation, experimentation, research, and self-improvement. This is less and less true, as the principles that had been developed and implemented in our country until a few years ago have been superseded by a sight, retreat, “waveless” form of sailing.

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