What if “The Night of the Angels” by Anna Tommasi was actually the night of the devil?

Emily Café Powell, Book Group Contributor 20 minutes Books I recommend night of angels by Anna Tommasi, published on April 2, 2022 by Éditions Préludes.

Your favorite quote:

I would like you to tell me why, in your opinion, your parents do not want to come to see you. Note: The boy finally looks up and smiles. Child: Because they are afraid of me.

Why this book?

  • Because it is an impressive thriller, with a sticky atmosphere, which makes the reader deeply uncomfortable (to his greatest pleasure!). In the last third of the novel, everything comes together and it becomes impossible to put this book down.
  • Because the style is very effective, alternating the narration from Alice’s story with mysterious psychiatric reports about a boy we know nothing about, but who is very scary. It’s a real page turner.
  • Because the author plays with terrible family secrets, and paints the portrait of an unsuspected sociopathic killer, which makes the reader tremble. He is very successful! The novel raises the question of what can be done for love (or for a completely deviant conception of love).
  • Because it is an absolutely exciting first novel, where everything is thought out and mastered from start to finish. Even those who are not usually very fond of mysteries and other thrillers will fall under the spell of night of angels.

The essentials in 2 minutes

the plot Alice returns to the city of her childhood after a ten-year absence. She discovers the place still haunted by the unexplained disappearance of her best friend when they were nine years old. Shortly after her arrival, another girl goes missing…

Characters. Alice is a young doctor in her thirties, accompanied by her autistic son Lucas. With Teddy, her childhood sweetheart and her best friend’s brother missing from her, she investigates and discovers a long-closed case.

locations. The plot takes place in Perros-Guirec, under the leaden sky of a summer heat wave. Alice returns to familiar places with a bittersweet feeling…

Time. Alice’s story takes place in the present day, but as part of the investigation, the story regularly takes us back to the 1990s and even beyond.

The author. Anna Tommasi signs with night of angels his first book, winner of the Kobo by Fnac novel prize, Préludes and Babelio.

This book was read with a great discomfort since the environment is cold on the back!

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