“Where Mélenchon has not broken with the social democratic culture is that he wants to govern”



At the left post first lap

“All in all, the left adds 30% of the votes in the first round of the presidential election. It is a score that is not dishonorable but it must be remembered that in 2012, François Hollande was only 28%. »

“The score on the left is less than the total on the far right. »

“Two-thirds of the French are in positions far removed from the left. So we cannot say that collectively, the balance of power is favorable to the left. »

“The electoral campaign was very much dominated by right-wing issues, so we cannot say that, ideologically, the left has taken the lead in the battle of ideas. »

“There was a primary by the polls that was given by the left. »

“The union of the left was made from below. »

“What the left parties did not achieve, the voters did. »

“What is spectacular is Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s drive in recent days and his ability to unite voters. »

On social democracy

“We are still surprised by the level of the PS and it is true that 2% is very low but it is not surprising, the municipal and regional elections were misleading. »

“Social democracy no longer holds because many moderate left voters have gone to Macron. »

“Left-wing voters are torn between the two extremes of the tortilla: the moderates who are with Macron today – a third of Hollande’s voters are with Macron – and the more left-wing voters who have gone to Mélenchon and Jadot. »

“Voters were confused by a campaign by Anne Hidalgo who was not without interest in the background with a leftist program but who, by inviting Hollande to her meetings and criticizing Mélenchon very strongly, lost on both counts: she alienated voters. moderates and lost to the leftists. voters. »

“We really don’t see how an electoral space could be reconstituted for the Socialist Party. »

“Ideologically, the PS no longer has an identity. »

About Jean-Luc Mélenchon

“The center of gravity on the left has shifted towards Mélenchon. »

“The Mélenchon left is not so radical. »

“Social Democrat doesn’t mean much anymore. »

“Mélenchon has a vocation to govern. »

“Today it is totally ineffective to be on the left without radicalism in a context of heightened inequalities. »

“To be on the left today is to carry out a radical project. »

“Where Mélenchon has not broken with the social democratic culture is that he wants to govern. »

About Fabien Roussel and the PCF

“There was a Roussel moment during the presidential campaign. »

“Roussel did a political marketing campaign. »

“The republican and popular left was seduced by Roussel’s speech. »

“The space that Roussel managed to capture is a very small space. »

“Roussel may have managed to embody something but he did not resist the wave of Mélenchon’s helpful vote that swept over. »

“In the palette on the left, Roussel certainly embodied a sensibility. »

“The question for the PCF is that of the legislative elections: it will maintain its base of deputies. »

“We are going to measure the effectiveness of Fabien Roussel’s candidacy at the time of the legislative elections. »

On possible legislative agreements

“In 2017, Mélenchon obtained 19.5% of the votes and closed the door to the union in the legislative elections. He crashes because he gets 11% of the votes and gets 17% of the votes. He squandered his electoral capital. »

“Today we have the impression that Mélenchon has changed his tone. »

“Mélenchon campaigned much less populist than in 2017 and much more from the traditional left than in 2017.”

“The Mélenchon vote is a very metropolitan vote, young working-class neighborhoods, racialized. On the other hand, it is declining in former working-class areas, particularly in the Hauts-de-France. All the votes Mélenchon wins are made in the Paris region. »

“Mélenchon realizes that he has a traditional left-wing constituency, which he refused to admit in 2017. That is why he is more open today. »

“Mélenchon has an intelligent strategy to remobilize his field in the legislative elections. »

“If the left reaches the legislative elections divided, everyone will suffer. »

“Mélenchon’s tone has changed. LFI wants to be the new central force of the left but wants to unite communists and environmentalists on its terms. »

On a potential alliance of the NPA with the PS for the legislative elections

“The question is on what programmatic basis? For LFI, it must be done on the basis of the program of the Popular Union. »

“There are many very different local problems, but the general mentality has changed. »

“The heart is the question of the relationship with environmentalists. »

“France Insoumise’s strategy has changed: is it simply to show that they are unitary and, in the end, LFI will impose, in a lying poker game, conditions that cannot be accepted? »

On the perspective of Prime Minister Jean-Luc Mélenchon

“I am not in Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s head but I think he has enough political sense to know that this hypothesis is not very realistic. »

“This opens up a potential mobilization for your camp. »

“This allows Jean-Luc Mélenchon to convey a little more of his political capital. »

“Since the reversal of the electoral calendar in 2002, there has been a problem of differential abstentionism: the voters of the field that lost in the presidential election are not going to vote in the legislative elections, which gives an extra premium to the outgoing field. »

“Many young people and racialized people from popular neighborhoods voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon but they also belong to very abstentionist categories in the legislative elections. »

On the different sensitivities of the left

“Environmentalists are making a tactical retreat: David Cormand, who is a bit of a green ideologue, is much more cautious, says they have lost the presidential election and go to LFI. But they have not given up on the fact that it is they who are in the direction of history. They want electorates but I don’t think they have given up that it is around them that the future of the left should be written. »

“The Communist Party is not willing to give up its organizational identity. »

“The Socialist Party still thinks that when Macron is gone, there will only be right-wingers and he will be able to take back his space. »

“The withdrawal of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, or, at least, the fact that he is no longer a candidate in the presidential elections, will change the situation of the left because it was he who maintained the very composed electorate of the LFI. »

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