William C. Carter knows where Marcel got his inspiration

Christian Dorsan, novelist, blogger, and book group contributor 20 minutes Books I recommend proust in love by William C. Carter, published on April 22, 2022 by Éditions Armand Colin.

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The different sexual types that the writer represents in his novel illustrate the complex laws of erotic attraction in the universe.

Why this book?

  • Because this book is a gold mine. First for those who do not know the work of Proust, they will discover the context of the writing ofIn search of lost time. For others, the author offers a complete portrait of the Paris of the Belle Epoque, a hidden worldly Paris and an author harassed by the demons of jealousy, sentimental outbursts and impossible loves.
  • Because to understand a work like this, should be reflected with the sentimental adventures of the author. This point of view enlightens the reader about the density of emotions felt by the characters but also about the construction of the characters. Indeed, each character, or each character trait, draws its origin from Proust’s close friends. The author draws parallel portraits of fictional characters and those who have existed. We discover with surprise the links that can be woven between them and Proust’s sentimental experience.
  • Because this book reveals what has never been revealed about the practices of Proust in the brothels. Surprising rituals that collide with the writing of this author who dedicated himself to painting the anguish of the human soul.

The essentials in 2 minutes

the plot In this essay, Carter C.William connects Proust’s sentimental and love life with the characters in his books. It is an unpublished sentimental, loving and obsessive biography.

Characters. Marcel Proust socialized with the All-Paris of the time and in particular with his loves: Reynaldo Han, Afred Agostinelli, Daudet, the waiters of the Ritz; but also its characters

locations. Paris, Cabourg, Beg Meil, all Proust’s vacation spots

Time. The book takes place chronologically during the life of Marcel Proust from 1871 to 1922.

The author. William C Carter is a brilliant American academic, a specialist in Proust. He has published numerous books dedicated to this author.

This book was read with curious to discover the characters and their moods. The entire construction of Proust’s work is based on his life, transforming each experience into a chapter. Parallelizing these two perspectives makes the writing closer and incredibly contemporary. An achievement.

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