4 books by French authors in Barcelona

For the book festival, four books recently published by French residents in Barcelona will be featured. A selection from Equinox and Jaimes, the French bookstore in Barcelona.

On the occasion of Sant Jordi, these four authors will be in a signing session at the French Institute of Barcelona this Saturday, April 23, between 11:00 and 14:00. It will also be possible to purchase your book there.

Bile in mind, Sébastien Bouille

Arnaud Pfilmin is a Google telemarketer in a call center in Barcelona. A gastronomic work like that of many of his compatriots, which offers all kinds of personalities and ambitions in a large open space. Arnaud tries to escape from the absurdity of the discourses of multinationals and consumer society by launching himself into art photography. He also meets Marie, whom he looks up to and could certainly raise. But here, everything is always disappointing. Cynical, funny, empathetic and never moralistic, this first novel by journalist Sébastien Bouillé takes the form of a search for meaning and for himself through the paradoxes and mandates of an absurd world. A novel well in its time, which makes us travel in the different Barcelona, ​​​​from the bourgeois circles to the ecological communities of Collserola. (Aurelie Chamerois, Equinox)

Listen to an excerpt:

Bile en tête, Sébastien Bouillé, Editions Le Dilettante.

Drifting Tigers, Nicolas Zeisler

Also written by a French journalist based in Barcelona, ​​​​Nicolás Zeisler, this sparkling novel takes us to Argentina. Through the eyes of a boy who has just lost his father, the author tackles tough issues but lightly and not without humor. Poetic and endearing, the story also immerses us in the Argentina of the late 1990s, its meat stews, its devotion to soccer and its search for identity. (AC, Equinox)

Drifting Tigers, Nicolas Zeisler, Editions Bouclard.

Great Reporters, Confessions in the heart of conflicts, Emmanuel Razavi

This is a book that is more relevant than ever. The great reporter Emmanuel Razavi collected the testimonies of several journalists in conflict zones while delivering his philosophy of journalism on the ground. An essential book at a time when the media devotes fewer and fewer resources to reporters and newsrooms have lost the trust of their readers, listeners and viewers. “People no longer make the difference between Cyril Hanouna and a reporter who takes risks to do his job. It is also a book for those who think that journalists do not do their job well. Yes, there are people who do their job very well and also put their skin on the line to do it”, Emmanuel Razavi told us during an interview in February. (AC, Equinox)

Great Reporters, Confessions in the heart of the conflicts, Ánfora Editions.

Leo King, Florent Torchut

Lionel Messi is a footballer who stood out at Barça before signing for PSG. Until then, he probably hasn’t learned anything and this sentence is probably open to criticism in the sense that it tirelessly extends evidence known to all. Florent Torchut is a sports journalist, correspondent for France Football. He follows the footballer’s career from his beginnings, so he knows him perfectly and gives us a book covering the first steps of little Lionel to the present. The book is well documented, enriched with photos and interviews. The first steps of a demigod, then. (Christian Vigne, Jaimes)

Le Roi Leo, Florent Torchut, Solar Editions.

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