94th Academy Awards | CODA is crowned best picture, but Dune wins!

(The Angels) Dunesby Denis Villeneuve, is the film that won the most Oscars, but CODA however, it won the statuettes in the three categories in which it competed, including the last one for best film.

Posted on March 28

Marc-Andre Lussier

Marc-Andre Lussier

As sometimes happens in an Oscar race, a candidate that no one initially expected ends up beating the competition down the stretch. CODA (an abbreviation for Children of deaf adults), by Siân Heder, won the Oscar for best film, in addition to winning the award for best adapted screenplay. And Troy Kotsur won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The latter did not fail to thank France, where the idea for this film was first brought to the screen.

This American adaptation of the French film the aries family marks history by becoming the first feature film broadcast exclusively on one platform, Apple TV + in this case, to win the highest award in Hollywood. It also becomes one of those rare films to win the final Oscar without being cited in the best director category, a scenario that has only happened three times in 32 years (Driving Miss Daisy in 1990, Argo in 2013 and Green Book in 2019).

Six Oscars for Dunes !

The other great news of the evening was the Dunes. The film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s celebrated novel, directed by Denis Villeneuve (who did not compete in the best director category), saw six of its ten selections win statuettes, more than any other film.

And in case it was still necessary to be convinced of it, we had the opportunity to notice the admiration that the artisans of Dunes to Denis Villeneuve, who has no limits. In addition to expressing their affection in thanking him on stage, they also paid tribute to the Quebecois filmmaker in front of journalists. One of the members of the sound team even said that Villeneuve was, in addition to a great artist, an exceptional human being. “He is the best filmmaker I have ever worked with,” he added. We were ready for anything for him. “And if for the most part they have obtained their Oscar during the unaired part of the gala, these artisans have not wanted to stir up controversy. “We, tonight, just want to honor Denis! »


Patrice Vermette and Zsuzsanna Sipos won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction for Dunes.

As would be expected, Dunes It has been full of trophies in the so-called more “technical” categories: sound, visual effects, musical score (Hans Zimmer), editing (Joe Walker), cinematography (Greig Fraser) and art direction. This last trophy went to Patrice Vermette, who thus obtained the coveted golden statuette after being cited for the first time in 2010 (the young victory) and a second time in 2017 (Arrival). When the Quebec craftsman, who shares this trophy with decorator Zsuszanna Sipos, appeared in front of reporters, his excitement was still palpable.

Arriving on the platform with a glass in hand, Patrice Vermette first raised this glass to her missing friend Jean-Marc Vallée, “whom I miss every day,” she said, biting back a sob. “I wish I was here tonight. I also think of all those times I watched the Oscars with my parents when I was young, and here I am, today, a little boy from Montreal, with this trophy. It’s surreal! »

The predictions were good!

the power of the dog, this 12-quoted film (of which Roger Frappier is one of the main producers), was also saved from whitewashing thanks to Jane Campion. The filmmaker’s victory in the category of best director – totally deserved – did not surprise anyone. Twenty-eight years after being in the race thanks to The pianothe one who did nothing for the cinema since bright Starin 2009, she became the third director to win the statuette, succeeding Kathryn Bigelow, winner in 2010 thanks to the wounded lockerand Chloé Zhao, whose film land nomad was held last year.

“I’m happy to see the pace picking up in terms of the recognition of women in the world of cinema,” she said. Parity matters. »

On the acting side, the predictions were good: Will Smith, who was at the center of an incident with Chris Rock that took everyone by surprise after the comedian made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in king richard, film in which he plays Richard Williams, the father of the sisters Serena and Venus Williams. On stage, the visibly emotional actor spoke of the crash, explaining that, like Richard Williams, he would do anything to “defend the family against him.”

Jessica Chastain, for her part, won the Oscar for best actress thanks to her composition in Tammy Faye’s eyes, a film that was also awarded in the makeup and hairstyle category. The actress’ portrayal goes far beyond the cartoonish image associated with Tammy Faye, a flamboyant woman who, along with her televangelist husband Jim Bakker, created the largest religion-focused media empire in entertainment in the 1970s and 1980s. , which collapsed after a major financial crisis. scandal.

Later, Ariana DeBose was crowned best supporting actress for her performance in West Side Storyexactly 60 years after Rita Moreno received the same statuette for playing the same role in the first film adaptation of the famous musical.

Other films on the honor roll

the sublime drive my carby Ryûsuke Hamagachi, also cited in three other categories (including Best Film of the Year), finally won the Oscar for Best International Film. Charm was consecrated in the category of animated feature film and summer of the soulin the documentary feature film. cruella entered the roll of honor thanks to his wardrobe, Belfast distinguished himself by winning the coveted Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and no time to dieby Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, was chosen best song.

It should be noted that several of the winners whose trophies were presented before the ceremony, only to have their speeches interrupted during the broadcast, excitedly underlined the fact that the room was still full for this non-broadcast part of the gala. A great gesture of solidarity from the teams.

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