A museum dedicated to historical old book covers

Piero Cortese and Marta Bassotto, founders of the Verona-based design studio Art Frigò, have become true references in the field. These two Italians had already made money with their range of illuminated screens, recognized lampshades. And it is that since 2014, designers have been struggling to rethink everyday objects, specifically literary works, to transform them into works of art.

In this screen model, Romeo and Juliet, Gatsby, or even the Little Prince, Cyrano de Bergerac, Robinson Crusoe or Sherlock Holmes and many others, from €95, all the same (and not including shipping costs).

simple, basic, but as effective as well thought out

Promote old works.

With the Abat Book Museum, the creators take cork a little further: the covers of the original editions have been entirely reconstructed by computer. And this, since PDF files were not legion when these important literary works were first published…” So many original editions disappear and little attention is paid to this art, often forged by great artists and graphic designers of extraordinary imagination. “, assure the two designers.

Their idea was, therefore, to exhibit not only the covers they used for their Abat-Book project, but also to preserve these graphic elements from oblivion, through the internet. ” The first editions —more specifically those of coversClassic — tend to have greater aesthetic or graphic value. It is also a way to empower a large number of people while recovering a cultural heritage that is being lost over time.. »

Conservation, preservation, promotion: the Abat-Book Museum thus becomes an online space where timeless masterpieces can be explored, reprocessed to restore the luxury of their cache of yesteryear. Designers also seek to repair the slights of time: worn, torn, stained covers, etc. — with the greatest respect for the original.

Purchases, made over time, from antique dealers, specialized booksellers or through rare book deals on the internet, have led artisans to “ highlight these old editions“.

Experience and trace the thread

A work that is accompanied by a philological investigation, to identify the characters, the sources of the drawings, their inspirations. They also examine the sources, to find the sources, or even analyze the layout on the image page, the composition of the scenes, etc.

Or even investigate the illustrator (more rarely, an illustrator) and discover parts of their existence. Thus, a brief legend accompanies the covers, as well as the works that Art Frigò extracts from them: floor lamp, notebooks, furniture, bags, but also scarves, flasks and notebooks.

The oldest pieces date from the beginning of the 20th century, when the covers began to live their own life, assuming an important role: at the same time manifesto of the work, a kind of visual door that precedes the opening of the work itself“, they continued.

Every book has a dress: its cover. And behind each one hides a particular universe, built with images, colors, shapes and techniques, not just with words. This universe, which tells the work of artists, graphics, illustrators, has contributed to thinking and designing the contemporary form of our works. “, they conclude.

The guided tour will take place at this address: at the moment some thirty pieces are on display, includingTropic of Cancerby Henry Miller,Ragazza de Vitaof Pasolini,The little Princeof Saint-Exupéry or theUlisesby James Joyce.

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