A tank to cover with books, to stop wars

The facility is called Only culture può closes the war (Only culture can stop war). A project that seems dramatically current in this period of crisis and conflict. It was created by Lorenzo and Simona Perrone. These artists bleach recycled books, hiding the text under a patina of white chalk. Thus, each book is transfigured, reaching the rank of symbol: the archetype of the fight against division and war to promote the values ​​of civilization, peace and culture.

LibriBianchi, or the archetypal book

This idea and this process are the basis for the creation of the “LibriBianchi” (White Books) project, which is the expression of the personal artistic research of Lorenzo and Simona Perrone, an investigation that has lasted more than twenty years.

As explained on the artists’ official website, “Lorenzo and Simona use real books on which they work with water, glue and plaster, thus obtaining a raw material on which they intervene: various apparently strange materials are applied such as barbed wire, glass, stones, wood and white acrylic paint. “.

They thus obtain the transition from the semantic dimension of the text and the reading to the symbolic dimension of a sculpture. Each book assumes another story, carrying a reading being that must be operated in a different way: between the flag of peace and the instrument of pacifist struggle.

A participatory installation

The installation designed for Milan also has a participatory dimension: the contribution of the public is essential both for its realization and for its realization. This Saturday, April 23, every citizen can go in front of the Royal Palace, donate a book and have it painted by artists. The book will then be placed in the tank in the Corte Grande of the Palazzo Reale. By the end of the event, you should be completely overwhelmed with the books.

The first was released this very morning:

And later, other inhabitants, like this young Milanese, came to bring their straws to the building:

Remembering a phrase of Plato (timeus86-87), Lorenzo and Simona Perrone expose their convictions to MilanoToday:There is nothing in our neurophysiology that forces us to act in a violent and lethal way, it is just a cultural fact. You have to start from there, from education, from studies, to suggest new “disarming” behaviors. »

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