A young violinist from Saint-Joseph-de-Kent stands out in an international competition

It all started with a papier-mâché violin.

It was with a small papier-mâché instrument that Alexandre began learning to play the violin a few years ago. No one could have imagined that 7 years later he would be playing tunes from Beethoven Where Schumann and that he would excel in this art.

Young violinists often use a papier-mâché violin for practice when they are just starting out.

Photo: Radio-Canada

A few weeks ago, Alexandre decided to enter the online contest London young musician.

This British music competition promotes young talent from around the world.

Alexandre managed to take second place in the sonata category.

When I won the contest, I was very proud! I didn’t know there were more than 1000 people who signed up! »

a quote from Alexander Doucet

Compliance made possible by Sistema

is participating in Sistema, a program offered free of charge to children who want to learn about music, that Alexandre was able to develop and hone his talent as a violinist.

When Alexandre found out about the program offered by the music school, he immediately decided to enroll. Since then, his love and passion for the violin have only grown.

Violin teacher Swan Serna plays the violin in a living room.

Swan Serna, violin teacher at Sistema School, has been Alexander’s teacher for several years.

Photo: Radio-Canada

swan Serna, a teacher at the Sistema school, has been teaching Alexandre the violin for several years.

According to him, Alexandre has a special talent: For me, in the beginning, it was a bit difficult to understand his personality because on the outside he is like cold, but on the inside he is very passionate. It has always amazed me how he has a really mature mind. says the teacher.

Thanks to his talent, Alexandre managed to get a place in the Moncton Youth Orchestra.

For his biggest fan, his mother, there is no greater joy than seeing her son blossom through music.

Melanie Doucet in interview.  she is sitting in her living room

Melanie Doucet is very proud of her violinist son.

Photo: Radio-Canada

I’m super proud, it’s great. funny to look. Is he funny seeing him play and evolve, compared to where he started, where he is and where I know he can go.Melanie Doucet exclaims.

Far from the papier-mâché violin, young Alexandre will soon receive a priceless gift, a fully restored 19th century violin. A gift from another admirer from Prince Edward Island, delighted by the talent of the young violinist.

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