All about LOOP, the BDA music festival at HEC Paris

On Wednesday May 4, the HEC Paris Office of the Arts (BDA) invites you to attend LOOP, a music festival that brings together student artists, but also big names from the French electronic scene such as Nhyx or Fhin. Victoire, Vice President of the BDA in charge of this project, tells you more about what awaits you on this day that promises to be exceptional!

Behind the scenes of the LOOP

Hi Victoire, can you tell us more about your background?

Hello ! I am an M1 student at HEC, after having done a preparation at Daniélou. I immediately wanted to be a part of the Bureau des Arts, which is truly an amazing association, where I met extraordinary people, especially thanks to the campaigns in the first year!

What is your role within the BDA and in the LOOP project?

I am Vice President of the BDA and responsible for the LOOP project for the “Azur and Asm’art” mandate. We have been working on this project since November, with the support of the new mandate, since the beginning of January. The LOOP is very close to our hearts because it has been one of the BDA projects for 4 years, so we are very happy to be able to open it to students from outside HEC this year.

What is the origin of this music festival?

It was designed by the BDA “King Art’hur” (term 2019/2020). The goal was really to create a festive, artistic and colorful event, which would change the “traditional” evenings of Grandes Ecoles with only music and beer. The launch was complicated with the COVID years, but we were still able to do an internal “mini LOOP” at HEC last year and this year we come back bigger and stronger, always aiming higher. command (hence the name LOOP!).

How was the LOOP organized? What does this represent in terms of budget, organization?

We have been working on it since November to search for artists. We reach out to partners and think of original activities that change the classic student nights! The light and sound part was delegated to SBCS, an association of Centrale.

Otherwise, we have a small organizational team of 10 people with one or two people per division: Logistics (Thomas and Fita), Security (Louise), Cashier (Arthur), Textiles (Guillaume), Activities (Dana and Joséphine) , communication (Léa and Marianne), decoration (Charlotte), external artists (me)… But otherwise, all the members of the BDA (60 people with the two mandates) are mobilized for the event!

What is the LOOP?

The LOOP is an urban, rock, pop, house and techno music festival organized by the HEC Paris Arts Office. On the program: 10 hours of non-stop sound with professional artists, artistic activities, stands, treats, inter-school musical associations, quality brewers, food trucks… In short, a 100% BDA festival!

A first edition took place last year, internally at HEC, due to COVID restrictions, and the BDA is happy to be able to open it up to external students this year, with over 1,000 students expected! The associations of ESSEC, ESCP, Ensta, Centrale and HEC will vibrate your eardrums on the school campus. We also expect music professionals ranging from rock to electro, who will be there to seduce you as they seduced us! Nhyx, Sauvan, Fhin, Xad… they are nuggets that perfectly reflect the spirit we want to give to our festival!

Everything that awaits you in the LOOP this year!

What awaits the students who will come to LOOP this year?

It is a festival that showcases the different talents of our schools during an artistic and 100% relaxed afternoon, followed by an evening that promises to be memorable. The spirit of the LOOP is also to make you discover craft and local breweries, our associated thrift stores (with our mythical custom denim jackets) and our favorite sounds, all at an ultra affordable price with three drinks offered per ticket and shuttles that will serve the Saclay plateau and Paris from 1 am!

LOOP Festival BDA HEC Paris

Who can attend the LOOP?

Everyone ! We open it to students from outside, and there are many associations from other schools that come to play music in the afternoon.

Any practical information?

It all takes place at the HEC campus in Jouy-en-Josas on Wednesday 4 May. The festival begins at 5:00 p.m. with activities, stalls, and outdoor concerts. Then the evening continues with the professional artists until 3am! There will be food trucks, snacks, and even freshly baked pizzas on site, with a wide variety of craft beers, of course, thanks to our partners!

For more information on the LOOP, visit their Facebook page!

To attend the LOOP and buy your ticket, it’s over here!

Article written by Victoire Oudin

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