Batch. The electronic music association Ephem’r has projects in Cahors and Figeac

The team of the electronic music association Ephem’r, presents both in Cahors and in Figeac.

During these last two years of sanitary restrictions, the Lot association of electronic music “Ephem’r” (well identified with its butterfly logo), chaired by Tom Rouffaud, worked, knew how to be inventive, to offer beautiful animations as soon as the recovery.

As cultural evenings resume with the lifting of restrictions, we interview the president of Ephem’r and the team of volunteers, spread across the country of cahors and the Country of Figeacabout his collective and his projects, to highlight the culture of electronic music.

Meeting with the members of the association.

a story of friends

News: How did you get the idea to found Ephem’r a few years ago? What were your goals then?

Tom Rouffaud: – It all started with a group of friends, passionate about electronic music. Overnight, we thought “why not create an association” and share our common passion, knowing that electronic music is little known in the Lot. Our wish was to animate Cahors and make people discover this music. We were all beginners, attending festivals, but as spectators. Little by little we improved the quality of our events (decoration, sound, etc.). Our next events will be even better.

What are the different types of electronic music you offer?

H: Musically speaking, it goes from House to Techno, with all the subgenres that this entails, such as Disco House, Tech House, Minimal or Acid Techno.

Are there one or more variations of electronic music?

F: Electronic music today is extremely varied, although it was originally opposed to music with instruments. Today, with the omnipresence of digital, this border becomes more diffuse and electronic music becomes, in a way, the representative, and playing field, of the mixture of styles, influences and techniques. With methods such as sampling, for example, electronic music allows you to take and modify audio extracts, whatever they may be. Synthesizers, on the other hand, allow you to create sounds with endless possibilities. All this combined electronic music is today above all a way of putting digital technology at the service of music, and this, within everyone’s reach.

Difficulties during Covid

During these two years of Covid, how did you deal with the restrictions, the closures of discos and other clubs?

F: The hardest part was maintaining morale and motivation. As it has been for everyone, these two years have marked many changes and they have not always been easy to accept. Despite everything, the collective helped us keep our heads up and we continue to share content through social networks. It was also an opportunity to go over our objectives with the association, to return strongly to recovery, and to work on new projects.

Videos: currently on Actu

projects 2022

Also, what are your projects, for this year 2022 and for the coming years? How do you plan to evolve?

T: We would like to bring back the outdoors, events with sun, people and electronic music, not forgetting evenings in clubs, bars, discos, as well as at Connexion Live, in Toulouse, or at the Docks, soon in Cahors. People, to find out about our upcoming events, should stay connected on our “Ephem’r” pages, through Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to the Covid we were able to concentrate, to be able to offer the best events.

Loved: One of the goals of the association would be to produce one or more 100% Ephem’r events. We have been working for a few months on a few projects where we can capture our work. Follow the butterflies…

What do the facts have in common?

W: Fraternity and the notion of sharing. Let’s avoid taking ourselves seriously, because basically it’s just the story of some friends who want to make people dance, but above all have fun. We like to see people having fun, dancing, with a smile on their face. Everything is linked and must remain so. We want to animate and entertain the city of Cahors and its surroundings.

Will 2022 be the year of the return of electronic music?

F: After the Covid crisis, the events sector was greatly affected and, by extension, parties with electronic music. Many boxes have been put up for sale, associations have been dissolved, but despite this, others continue, new players enter the industry and it continues to develop. Electronic music continued to spread during confinement, through networks with live shows. And with the reopening of nightclubs, this year promises to be particularly busy, so yes, a great return of electronic music, and that’s good!

Lotus and DJ

Do Lotois DJs have enough visibility?

H: Nowadays, the visibility of DJs depends on several factors, two of which are very important, which are the events, where they are booked and their social networks. In the Lot, excluding the Covid period which was quite special in terms of events, there are quite a few events during the summer period and therefore DJ demand. These events are essentially town parties and small festivals that are gradually emerging. They are events that bring together a lot of people in general, and that allow the DJs who are booked there to have real visibility and therefore create a small community.

The Lot is an interesting department to start as a DJ, because there are few DJs and therefore little competition. However, there is a real imbalance between the number of events in summer compared to winter. The main reason for this is that there are sadly hardly any clubs left on the Lot and there are still very few night bars. A DJ who has proven his worth in the department, at some point will have to appear elsewhere, if he wants to reach more people, since it is a department that still has very few party venues and a young population, the main clients of these places.

Now, with regard to social networks, whether in the Lot or elsewhere, a DJ must be at least active on these networks and must offer a minimum of content, in order to retain the community that he will have partly created for himself. himself in the events where he will have played.

So, to conclude at this point, I would say that visibility is subjective for each DJ, but in general, there is a pretty good visibility of Lotois DJs, at the department level. On the other hand, if these DJs do not move departments, it will be much more difficult for them to have visibility on a larger scale.

Do you plan to perform in Occitania?

W: We’ve already played in Toulouse, especially in bars like Père Peinard or Filochard, and also near Figeac. We want to go further in the Pink City, and the best is yet to come for 2022 and 2023. Occitania being very big, there are a lot of possibilities to study, get together and share around electronic music.

Between the various associations of Lot and the electronic music groups, is there any connection?

H: Yes there are. On several occasions we have invited DJs from Ren’art and Undergrange, Lotoise’s other electronic music associations, to some of our events. An association aims to promote sharing, so we have every interest in ensuring that the connection exists and is felt. We absolutely want to highlight the local side.

How to call your DJs?

H: It’s very simple, you can contact us by email at, or contact us by private message, on our Facebook or Instagram.

Interview with DIDIER QUET

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