Behind the music, the small commercial hands that give life to Printemps de Bourges

We went to meet the merchants without whom the party could not live, and without whom the music would lack flavor.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of spectators come to dance to the music that invades the corridors of the Printemps de Bourges. Spectators who would have much less fun without the merchants, restaurateurs, waiters and other vendors who animate the festival and the city of Bourges itself.

This Friday, April 22, under a beautiful afternoon sun, we went to meet him. Pictures.

We arrived in Bourges 7 years ago. We are not very far, we are from Loiret. Our establishment is doing well. And with Spring, it brings us more people. But for quite a few years, Printemps has been much less centrally located. As everything happens there, people come back very very late, we would have to wait until 2am. Before, entertainment was everywhere in the city, and concerts everywhere.

People were waiting for this, the festival was canceled for two years. It is very rare to have that extra time. It hurts us a lot.

Before, he was a salesman in Alsace. I asked at the tourist office to be able to drive the little train. I take tourists around Bourges to show them as many monuments as possible. I have older people, often couples, and of course children who want to take a ride on the little train.

It’s fun, there’s human contact, people are relaxed because they’re on vacation, it’s exciting. And then we have tourists coming back. With Printemps we have more people, even if it is not yet the delirious crowd.”

We worked well in 2019, and in 2020 we did not work due to Covid. Last summer we managed to find three festivals and did guinguettes in Nantes. Anyway, we only do that in the summer season, and in the winter I do customer service.

This is our first year here at Printemps and our first festival of the season. We are from Nantes, we tour festivals and Bourges is one of the furthest away for us. We were ready for more people, we are a little disappointed. It’s hard for all of our neighbors too. But at least the festivals are back, so we’re happy.

I’m from Bourges, but I do this all over France, it’s my job. It’s my 25th spring! When it is not the festival period, we rest to be on the attack during. Because during a festival we don’t count our hours, that wouldn’t be possible.

The last two years have been difficult. So it’s very nice to come back, people are smiling, they don’t have the masks anymore… We had a nice Tuesday, a nice Wednesday. And then I choose the program for the stage under the tent, a quiet program for families who come in the afternoon, without worrying too much.

I already did that 25 years ago, we were settled by the river. And then we had other goals, we held stadiums, in Sochaux and Dijon. With my son, I restarted the business as before three years ago. We worked and six months later we were arrested for Covid.

Here it is Friday, we see that the people from Tuesday come back because we make bigger potatoes. Many make McDonald’s fries, matches. We do big, potato. We don’t have a very good margin, but we build customer loyalty. It’s a political story! What is needed is a short circuit, quality and price. And of course, be nice, or else you have to do another job.

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