Can we rent works of art? The answer to the Antibes Art Fair

The top of the poster. Until May 2, the pieces exhibited at the Art Fair take center stage on the Pré-des-Pêcheurs esplanade in Antibes. A dialogue between antiques and modern art that, in this fiftieth edition, highlights value and beauty.

Seeing each of these one hundred stands in close-up, it’s hard not to think of the Cannes International Film Festival, which will open in less than a month. As such, are certain pieces sometimes requested by the 7th art?

On the side of jewelry specialists, we agree: “ We do not receive these types of requests. “More talkative, in Lasry Joelle we detail: “ Most of the time, what you see in the cinema are reproductions. In terms of logistics and insurance, it represents a certain cost for productions to opt for genuine parts.

The importance of insurance

Yes, because when it comes to rentals, insurance is the nerve of the war. Faced with numerous Louis Vuitton trunks and other Birkin d’Hermès, the transalpine team of Elegant acknowledges having already signed this type of contract in the past.

But today it is especially at home, in Italy, where he signs this type of agreement. Because it is easier to transport: “ You also have to tell yourself that if you rent a particular piece, it means that you will not sell it in that time frame. ” A choice that is discussed, negotiated. Price, time, conditions: each professional sets their own terms. “Productions has already contacted us for furniture. This is done, of course “, recognizes Nicolás Bordet evolving between the XVII and XIX centuries.

Palaces sometimes rent works

For most of the respondents, the rental option is still a possibility. “You speak of cinema, but there are also palaces that can make this request to decorate their living room “, notes Cannes resident Dominique Hurtebize who left the Gray d’Albion for a few days to present his Venet, Buffet and other Hartung to visitors. A more real-than-life setting (yet): this is what productions are looking for .

And that, David David knows it well. If any of his works appeared on the screen several years ago in the series more beautiful life, the artist also worked on custom elements for the trays. “For the film Le Vilain I had to remake an apartment in the atmosphere of the 30’s, with old materials. For the Braquo series, I also made a giant revolver out of resin and also a painting with plexiglass bullets.“recalls the sculptor presenting his iconic bronzes at his stand.

And the leasing, in all this?

Later, a gallery owner says: “The rental formula is not reserved only for productions. This is called an individual lease. “In short, it’s a matter of committing to a fixed term to take the job under your wing with a monthly transfer.

Ultimately, the customer has a choice: either return it to us or buy it.A practice that seems to attract a good number of companies or even collectors who are on the move, as another specialist points out: “It’s very American as a state of mind. Instead of buying furniture, works and objects and then furnishing an apartment for a year or even six months in Los Angeles, for example, many prefer to rent everything. “I know the price of being surrounded by beautiful things.

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