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sweet melancholy

Patrick Watson fans will not be too disoriented with his new proposal, better in the shade. The album offers us seven beautiful songs that, although they benefit from electronic sounds, have the particularity of being quite soft. Is it because the musician lost his old drummer, Robbie Kuster? Still, he would have liked some additional titles with a little more energy. Watson stays on relatively familiar ground here and does it, let’s face it, in a wonderful way. We will certainly not sulk our pleasure. That said, this seventh album of the singer-songwriter’s career leaves us a little unsatisfied with its duration of less than 22 minutes. (Raphael Gendron-Martin)

better in the shade ★★★1⁄2

► An album by Patrick Watson

Dancing with Lydia Kepinski

It’s indie, it’s alternative satirical pop, it’s electro, it’s catchy, sometimes a little unsettling and sometimes it makes you dance, sometimes it makes you think. From, the new work of Lydia Képinski is a bouquet made up of eleven balloons of different colors that you want so much to have close to you as to let them fly to see them float in the wind, from all angles. The talented and unique artist signs the lyrics and music for this album in which she also plays the synthesizer and participates in the programming. To dance, we can rely on coins. From Y vaslaw. The sweetness of oysters seduced by her sweetness and singing the impostor It is very reminiscent of certain beautiful pieces by a certain Ariane Moffatt. A colorful album that addresses the theme of successful identity. (Sarah-Emilie Nault)

From ★★★1⁄2

► An album by Lydia Képinski

layover in buenos aires

The Quebec pianist Louise Bessette offers with the second part of her series A piano for the world an layover in buenos aires. Tribute to the Argentine composer and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla who died on July 4, 1992. Accompanied by the violinist Marc Djokic and the cellist Chloé Domínguez, Louise Bessette performs works written by the “king” of tango between 1965 and 1985. The music of Piazzolla, magnificently acted, they make you travel and they are cinematic. There are many images through the covers offorgot, The four seasons of Buenos Aires Y the great tango. Nice and full of light. (Yves Leclerc)

layover in buenos aires ★★★1⁄2

► An album by Louise Bessette

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