Music, cinema, reading: these three works that marked Stéphane Demagny

We regularly reveal the cultural choices of a local personality. The choices that marked his life and his commitment. We tell you more about the cultural milestones of Stéphane Demagny, director of the Calaisis sector of La Poste.

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“First of all, it’s Serge Gainsbourg. But not the Gainsbourg of the 1980s, the one from the first part of his life. At that time, he was at the top of his game. Especially with the album. Melody Nelson’s story. The construction of this concept album is quite curious, it is a story that tells from beginning to end. I love the melodies that were written in collaboration with Jean-Claude Vannier. This music transcends me. The man with the cabbage headanother concept album by Serge Gainsbourg, it transports me as much as the album Melody Nelson’s story. »

Album Melody Nelson’s story by Serge Gainsbourg. 1971.


“When people talk to me about cinema, the film that is a reference for me isThe City of Fear. It’s obviously a school movie. It’s a real movie with real actors, but it’s really a self-mockery. This movie ridicules everything that revolves around the Cannes Film Festival. I’m also a big Dummies fan. They were capable of doing everything and we never stopped them. As a result, they came to produce a film that, to me, is excellent and that is pure self-mockery. Making a movie that makes fun of cinema seemed great to me. »

Movie the city of fear by Alain Berbérian with Alain Chabat, Dominique Farrugia, Chantal Lauby and Gérard Darmon. 1994.


” The bookGerminal by Émile Zola made me discover my region and allowed me to start a discussion with my parents about my origins. I realized that both of my great-grandparents were minors. I discovered that my roots were really there. With Émile Zola the descriptions are extraordinarily precise, the characters very endearing and it has become essential reading for me. Finally, in Germinal, the class struggle is perfectly explained. We feel in the book that something is going to happen and that it raises the tone. Even if the men go back to work, we hear what will happen, all the struggles to come. Everything germinates in this atmosphere of social struggle. »

New Germinal by Emile Zola. 1885.

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