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Since 1995, UNESCO celebrates World Book and Copyright Day every April 23. We chose this symbolic date because it marks the death of the writers William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, in 1616.

This day is a celebration aimed at promoting the pleasure of books and reading that our collaborator, Philippe Basque, wanted to highlight.

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Books have been written in Acadia from the beginning with the Champlains, Lescarbots and Denys. We have significant authors and writers: Pascal Poirier, Antonine Maillet, Jacques Savoie, Herménégilde Chiasson and our Françoise Enguehard!

We also have publishing houses since 1970: Éditions d’Acadie, Éditions Perce-neige, Éditions de la Francophonie, La Grande Marée, Éditions Bouton d’or Acadie and since January 2020, Éditions Mon autre France in Saint-Pierre-et- Miquelon . We must also mention the La Morue Verte editions in the Magdalena Islands.

a book lover

The passion for books.

Clarence LeBreton

To commemorate this day, I went to meet an Acadian author, bibliophile, and historian, Clarence LeBretonoriginally from Caraquet on the Acadia Peninsula, New Brunswick.

As a child, Clarence grew up surrounded by his Chenard grandparents in Caraquet, Henri and Joséphine. He likes to hear the stories of his grandfather and the old people who come to visit. At that time, the television was not yet in our living rooms and we listened to the elders tell the stories of yesteryear.

As a teenager, Clarence met Fidèle Thériault, then a teacher at Caraquet. The latter is interested in heritage and makes discoveries about the history of the region. Clarence reads little and, like many young people of his generation, he reads Bob Morane.

a reading habit

It was in college, at the suggestion of one of his professors, that he got used to read at least 100 pages per weekhabit that made him discover the love for reading and the passion for books.

Acadia Historic Village – Photo Credit: Eastern Time

After university, he is alternately a historian at the Acadian Historic Villagedirector of the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Center in Shippagan, a provincial official who later returned to Village historique acadien as general manager.

your favorite subjects

Throughout his years he read books on a subject that fascinated him, the Third Republic that takes place between 1870 and 1940. He was also interested in Abraham Lincoln and the time of the American Civil War (1860-1865). He likes the period 1850-1950 and discovers that there are so many important events happening.

In addition to reading, he began to write short articles published in the history magazine of the Société historique Nicolas-Denys. This passion for history led him to conduct research on issues related to Caraquet.

The passion for books.

three of his posts.

In the early 1990s, he published three books: The Caraquet Flyer, the history of the Collège Sacré-Coeur de Caraquet, and the Louis Mailloux Affair.

Through these books, he wants to ensure that future generations in his corner of the country can meet and remember those who have gone before them. Let those who follow know what happened.

From reading to writing

During the 2000s, he published a book on fishing, an album of memories of the municipality of Caraquet, and, in collaboration with Fidèle Thériault, a history of the island of Caraquet.

His current research topic concerns the Anglo-Protestant families of Caraquet, in particular the Rive family of Jersey origin. This family fascinates him because for almost 100 years it had an important presence in Caraquet, then it completely disappeared during the 20th century.Y century. Generally, people born after 1980 in the Caraquet region do not know who these people are. Clarence tries to introduce these individuals to the next generation.

As for his current readings and authors, he likes Doris Kearns Goodwin, American journalist, historian and biographer, with her book Teams of Rivals, a biography of Abraham Lincoln. An extraordinary read. Her current reading is a biography of Paul Morand and a biography of the Goncourt brothers.

Your favorite book: memories from beyond the grave of Chateaubriand.

Now retired and with more time, he cares for Aline Landry of the Rendez-vous d’histoire in Caraquet and is currently the chairman of the board of directors of the Acadian Museum of Caraquet.

For him, reading is a great hobby and a great passion. He hopes that with the contribution of his book he will help safeguard the history of his region.

His other great passion is football and the Cleveland Browns, but that’s another story!

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