Reading Tips – A selection of books to devour for children from 9 to 15 years old

Here you have a selection of three books, to dream, vibrate and distract yourself for children from 9 to 15 years old.

We give you our opinion on: The intermediateby Marc Klein (stardust). Memories of the Forest – The memoirs of Ferdinand Taupeby Mickaël Brun-Arnaud (L’école des loisirs). wizards s1 : The Shadow Fountains, by Maxime Fontaine and Romain Watson (Gulfstream)

The intermediate


After spending most of her childhood in foster care, 17-year-old Tessa Jacobs doesn’t think she deserves love, if not from her foster parents, certainly not from anyone in high school. But everything changes when she meets Skylar at the local movie theater. Her budding relationship quickly leads to the kind of passionate love only seen in the movies.
And Tessa is starting to believe that maybe she deserves her fairy tale after all…
When tragedy strikes, Tessa wakes up…

why read it

The intermediate successful Netflix series, is more than a love story. The very recent label Stardust (Hugo) specializes in the imaginary: fantastical, fantastical, paranormal.

For this Marc Klein novel, it is the last box that needs to be checked. The author cleverly uses the dual timeline (“before” and “after”) to explore Tessa and Skylar’s history. The novel’s main flaw (and one we find all too often) is the instant love between the two characters.

Barely known, already in love. But otherwise, the read is fluid and moving. Marc Klein is interested in emotions beyond even romance, and he addresses how our past makes us. I especially appreciated the importance of photography in the novel.
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Memories of the Forest – The memoirs of Ferdinand Taupe


In the forest of Bellecork, in the hollow of the oak tree where Archibald Renard has his bookstore, each animal that wishes can deposit the book he has written and hope that one day it will be bought. Ever since his memories of him abandoned him, Ferdinand Taupe desperately seeks to find the book he wrote to collect his memories, in order to remember the things he did and the people he loved.
Only one copy exists, left in the bookstore years ago. But precisely, a mysterious client has just left with… Using old photographs, Archibald and Ferdinand take their steps in the forest, on a journey towards the border of dreams, memories and reality.

why read it

What a pen! the reading of memories of the forest is perfect for this spring: incredibly sensitive and delicate!

Mickaël takes us on a journey through the forest and the village of Bellechaussée. The story is that of a strong friendship, that of Master Renard and Ferdinand, who suffer from an illness similar to Alzheimer’s.

Under cover of adventures to find out who and where the famous “Maude” went, the author analyzes important social issues such as the importance of family, love, but also old age, forgetfulness and illness. Sanoe’s illustrations are beautiful and dot the novel in the most entertaining way. Not just for children.
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Wizards T1: Shadow Fountains


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Circus Palazzi! Tonight, an impressive number with the burning of the marquee by the army of invisible clowns. Come and kidnap your children, they will take them to Déa, the blind girl. Ernest the magician will go looking for her with the help of Kétinée the sorceress and Kilma the marabout. The search for her will take them to a hidden and supernatural world. But will her true sorcery powers be enough to save Déa? Stay with us, you are not at the end of your surprises…

why read it

Gulfstream releases the first volume of a fantastic trilogy. Inside wizards, readers will embark on a crazy adventure and evolve alongside the circus performers. It’s hard not to be carried away by the pen of the authors, Maxime Fontaine and Romain Watson.

I’m sorry it’s a bit confusing at times (events and characters introduced too quickly). Overall, “Sorcerers” offers colorful and interesting characters, lots of adventures and twists… that usually seem unrelated… until this ending! A second and third volume have already been announced.
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