Renens saves the monumental work of gross art by artist Danielle Jacqui –

Made up of 4,000 ceramic pieces, “ORGANuGAMME” by the artist Danielle Jacqui is installed in Renens. How did this monumental brut work of art come to be installed in the canton of Vaud? Back on this extraordinary adventure.

“Danielle Jacqui had created this work for her town of Aubagne, near Marseille,” said Jessica Mondego, director of the project. ORGANIZATION, on Tuesday in the program Couleurs locales of the RTS. “But when the project failed, Danielle Jacqui contacted Mario Del Curto” (founding member of the Ferme des Tilleuls, in Renens, editor’s note).

The photographer tells his friends at the Ferme des Tilleuls and together they decide to fight to repatriate the work to Renens. Danielle Jacqui, 88, bequeathed her work to the western city of Lausanne.

“We had to list everything, carefully pack and put the ceramics into five shipping containers which were then loaded onto trucks and traveled from Aubagne to Renens in early 2016,” continues Jessica Mondego.

After several years of reflection and fundraising, it was decided that the ceramic pieces would be installed on a huge metal structure thirteen meters high, designed by an architect from Lausanne.

“We thought a lot beforehand, then spent time developing a complete fastening system. We benefited from the fact that all the parts had been drilled by Danielle Jacqui”, explains André Rouvinez, technical director of “ORGANuGAMME”.

Complete installation for the fall

Regularly, Danielle Jacqui spends a few days in Renens to supervise the construction of the structure. “I’m getting used to it,” she says. “I’m not going to criticize: it’s brilliant, it’s very pretty… But I didn’t see it that way. The advantage is that the ceramic is well highlighted.”

Danielle Jacqui is “naturally” inspired by its “depths”. “Is this strictly due to me, or am I taxed by all those who preceded me in my genetics and who lead in my place? I can’t tell you that.” In Danielle Jacqui’s work there are many looks, animals and references to war.

The thousands of ceramic pieces should be installed by the fall. “Hopefully I’ll still be with you for the opening, so mission accomplished.” The artist already has another project in mind, but she doesn’t tell us about it. She doesn’t want to, as she says, run faster than the wind.

marion tinguely/vajo

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