Six titles from here and elsewhere to flourish in the spring of children’s books.

Like us, children feel the tremors of the world. Their small size, however, gives them a distinct advantage: their center of gravity escapes short-lived bursts and they need large jolts to throw themselves off balance. With them, well seated on our buttocks, we can face great storms, with our minds wide open before the window of books. Here are six windows to offer you.

Heavy heart, light suitcase

Every day, in all parts of the world, humanity generates new castaways with a violence as striking as it is useless. Among them, too often, are minors. In Canada, each year, more than 400 arrive, without an accompanying adult, hoping to obtain refugee status. Only tells the story of three of them: Afshin, Alain and Patricia.

This is Paul Tom, the director of the magnificent documentary. Luggage — which gives a voice to these three protagonists and to the story of the pitfalls, heartaches and duels that plagued their journey to Canada. Guided by resilience, courage and hope, Afshin, Alain and Patricia inspire respect and empathy. His stories are accompanied by illustrations by Mélanie Baillairgé, who have the intelligence to undress, emphasizing the uncertain float of the characters and the immateriality of their drama.

Tracing the thread of history

Benjamin Lacombe’s most recent album, Blindness Malaga, also represents a young woman with an unlikely fate. For the occasion we follow the thread of a prodigious blind tightrope walker, who maintains the balance of her existence by maintaining the mystery of her past. However, her fall plunges her into an abyss that reveals a story she thought was lost forever, giving her a new perspective on the future.

Story of a young blind protagonist, Blindness Malaga it is a sight for the eyes. The boards, of surprising beauty, create a dreamlike and timeless atmosphere, as if the story were floating on the void. Children will wander through hypnotic settings, while parents will appreciate a latent symbolism that orchestrates the staging of the story and its illustrations, projecting this unique album towards unsuspected horizons.

collectible poetry

After Boréal, it is the turn of Éditions de La Bagnole to launch into the dance of poetry, giving rise to the Fuwa Fuwa collection, a Japanese word meaning “airy”. Two titles inaugurate the new collection this month: Draw in the margins and other ghost activitiesby Carolanne Foucher, and Best friendsby Alexandra Campeau.

Inside Best friends, the narrator tries to mourn a friendship that no longer exists, getting involved in the jumble of her memories to celebrate, explain and grow after this significant episode of her youth. In language that doesn’t bother with any makeup, she gets as close to the emotion as she can get, bringing out the truth of it: “I should have known / that when you turn / the page / you burn / the book.” The verses, constructed as plotted prose and stripped of their punctuation, constitute a beautiful initiation for those who have never rubbed shoulders with poetry. Promising.

The ocean gardener



Text by Paul Tom and illustrations by Mélanie Baillairgé, The short scale, Montreal, 2022, 144 pages. From 10 years.

Blindness Malaga


Benjamin Lacombe, Albin Michel, Paris, 2022, 60 pages. From 5 years.

Best friends


Alexandra Campeau, La Bagnole, Montreal, 2022, 120 pages. From 14 years old.

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