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A tale revisited, Wonderland as we have never seen it before, secrets under sweets, betrayals, grudges and jealousy, a touch of cruelty, a dangerous political game, the youth of the Queen of Heart…

The team’s choice of “In my library”

“And they both die in the end”, Adam Silvera, in Éditions Robert Laffont

Don’t be fooled by the dramatic title and summary of this novel. It is true that Rufus and Matéo are obviously destined to die, since they both received the fateful death call, but this is not a really sad story. This is because, thanks to the Last Friend application, the most intense of the Last Days will meet and offer each other. A powerful, powerful, unforgettable novel.

Ondine, from the Martin-Delbert bookstore, in Agen

“Me When I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” by Taiki Kawakami from the original work by Fuse, Kurokawa Editions

Satoru, an office worker, is killed while protecting his friend Tamura in the middle of the street. He should have ended his life here, but lo and behold, he finds himself reincarnated in another world in the body of a Slime who is the weakest and most despised monster. But he is not so fragile. He acquires two qualities, that of a “predator” that allows him to regain competition from others and that of a “great sage”, thanks to which he gains an understanding of his surroundings. Will he be able to make friends? He becomes powerful and he meets the woman of his life? Or will he become a tragedy? You’ll know by reading it…

The apprentices’ favourite, at the Livresse bookstore in Villeneuve

“Perilero de libertad”, by David Llamas, in Éditions Libre 2 read

If, like me, you have heard of the Spanish Civil War but have never stopped to investigate, immerse yourself in this book by David Llamas. This is a very mature first novel. In the first place because it skilfully links the great story with the story of a family, that of Francisco Corda Llorente, shaken according to events. The political springs are finely analyzed. The little story sheds light on the big one.

1931 The Republic is proclaimed in Spain. Very soon an armed opposition, that of Franco’s fascists, will fight it until they take power, aided in that by Mussolini’s Italians and the Nazis. Families will flee and disperse in France, sometimes stationed in camps like Le Vernet (in Ariège). They are considered undesirable. They live in total destitution. Some join the Resistance, sometimes ending their journey in the sad Mauthausen camp (some scenes are extremely harsh). We witness the lives of resistance fighters.

After the war, times continued to be difficult, the black market and trafficking of all kinds helped to survive. Franco was in power until 1975. This book really makes you want to know more about this period that contributed to the history of France and Spain.

The choice of the Ren-Part bookstore, in Agen

“Bélhazar”, by Jérôme Chantreau, published by Éditions Phébus

There are novels that haunt us long after we have read them. “Belhazar” is one of them. The narrator, who is none other than the author Jérôme Chantreau, investigates the reasons for the mysterious death of a totally extraordinary, fascinating and charismatic 18-year-old, whose disappearance reveals both gray areas and disturbing coincidences. A very surprising, captivating novel.

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