“Understand everything (or almost) about the climate”: an essential book to understand all the topics of climate change

There are books of public utility and this is undoubtedly one of them. Published by the editions of the CNRS last March, “To understand everything (or almost) about the climate” is a wealth of information to identify the problems of climate change but above all to dispel the received ideas on the subject.

We owe this excellent dissemination work to the collective work of BonPote (Thomas Wagner), Anne Brès and Claire Marc, as well as some thirty scientists. Note that the preface is signed in the hand of IPCC Group 1 co-chair, French paleoclimatologist Valérie Masson-Delmotte (whose illuminating Twitter threads we can only recommend reading).

“Are polar bears really victims of climate change?”, “What is the difference between weather and climate?”, “Is France prepared for climate change?” or “Will there be more heat waves in France with climate change?”… Each chapter answers a very simple question that can be asked when talking about the climate or its disturbances. In total, there are twenty questions, but above all twenty clear and illustrated answers, of a disconcerting simplicity. Without jargon, simple words and clear illustrations help to understand.

Fight against disinformation

The book, as Thomas Wagner tells it on his blog (bonpote.com), was born from an observation: the rise of misinformation by climatosceptics in 2021. In fact, the latter do not hesitate to “rush into the slightest imprecise formulation or the slightest apparent contradiction. ”, and “erroneous information continues to circulate, broadcast even thirstier on social networks”, we can read in particular on the 4th cover.

This book, therefore, fills this lack of information on questions in which until now it was not easy to find clear, precise and above all understandable answers without having a bac+12. After reading these 131 pages, you will be unbeatable on the subject and developed enough to refute the arguments of the climatosceptics that gravitate around you.

In addition, the CNRS did not hesitate to send 1,000 copies to all the deputies, senators and presidents of the regions, because they are the main public decision makers in the fight against climate change in France.

Understanding everything (or almost) about the climate, Anne Brès, Claire Marc, Thomas Wagner, CNRS editions, March 2022, 136 p., €18.

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