Vernon. When art unites business: tips from a painter

Michel Levionnois is a jack of all trades. He is both a teacher and a painter. Until May 29 he exhibits at the Saint-Sauveur gallery in Vernon (Eure). He also gives lectures to talk about art in business. (© The Vernon Democrat)

Conferences. Michel Levionnois: when art unites business
the rouen painterwhich he exhibited at the Saint-Sauveur gallery in Vernon (EUR)tell how the practice ofArt in deal reinforces the cohesion internal.

Michel Levionnois is a touch everything. “I do painting, design, psychology…”. In his spare time, he is even a drummer in a jazz trio.

After the Fine arts for RouenColaborate with designers and the architects inside. His taste for the analysis of human behavior led him to the University of Nanterre where he learned sociology organizations

“And there, I understand how it works in companies, the horror! People spend a third of their time justifying themselves, a third protecting themselves, a third being jealous…”

Michel LevionnoisPainter

Improve well-being at work

He turned adviser in managementconvinces CEOs of the virtues of artistic creativity to improve well-being at work.

“My own language is abstract art… I work inemotion. An emotion that Michel Levionnois likes to share. His creed:

“Anyone can paint and draw. In the company, art erases hierarchical relationships»

Michel LevionnoisPainter

In Shelterfor Rouenfor Parisanimate sessions of collective painting. For employee volunteers, it has this language: “We’re going to create some great abstract work, but you’re the ones doing it. »

three mini-conferences

And everyone rediscovers the pleasure of working together on an unusual project.

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“Once they were so happy that in the end one of them started painting on the other’s head, they acted like clowns, everyone felt liberated, even the boss joined the game.”

Michel LevionnoisPainter

What could have been a playful daub becomes a true work of art. Those giant paintings then they are exhibited in the lobby of each company and are the pride of their authors. Michel Levionnois reviews this experience during three mini-conferences open to all.

Galerie Saint-Sauveur, 6 rue Saint-Sauveur, Vernon, until May 29. Conferences on May 12 and 19 at 6:00 p.m.

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